Top 10 Thought Provokers to Launch Your 2018 Soulmate Goals

There’s always an element of excitement when we’re about to start a New Year. It’s like we’re getting a second chance – an opportunity to BE or DO better than we did in the current year. A lovely, clean, blank canvas to create whatever you want, and that includes updating (and upgrading!) your soulmate goals.

So often we get preoccupied with the distractions the holidays can bring and then we plunge right into the new year, juggling all the urgent items that compete for our attention.

When this happens, not only do we miss the opportunity to take stock, reflect, and powerfully complete the current year, we may also be blind to hidden energies, connections, or strings that no longer serve us well. Ultimately, this is what prevents forward movement in life and love.

Sooo…to support you with powerfully completing 2017 and manifesting all your love goals this year, I’m sharing my favorite 10 strategy questions to complete and activate your soulmate success in 2018.

It’s like creating your very own LOVE Launching Pad – so great!

I recommend setting some time aside this weekend, print this out, pour a cup of tea and answer the following questions:

Completing 2017 with Purpose and Intention

1) What challenges and blessings did I receive about men, dating, and relationships in 2017?

2) What goals in my love life manifested? (even small ones matter!)

3) The MAJOR limiting habit I am releasing for 2018 is:

4) I am most proud of myself for:

5) I am most grateful for:

6) What do I need to vent/ rant/ get off my mind about my love life in 2017? (Go to town here — get it all off your chest so it’s completely released!)

Move Forward: Create Your Very Own Love Launch Pad!

7) What are the goals for my love life in 2018?

8) What magical action steps will I take to achieve that? (i.e. courses/ books/ mentoring etc.)

9) The ONE habit I am committed to starting and will stick to is:

10) The 3 structures I will put in place to support me in 2018 are:

Ok, so now you’re clear on your 2018 love goals – but maybe you’re wondering how to make them happen? I totally understand. It can be hard to get the engine started – and stay motivated when setbacks happen without someone cheering you on and providing expert guidance along the way. Great news: that’s my GIFT! Let’s connect for a quick chat so I can find out more about you and create a solid support structure with lots of accountability to keep you on track to meeting your dream man. Go ahead and apply HERE today.

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