The 3 Crystal Clear Signs That Show a Man is INTO You

There’s so much attention around how to tell if a man is just not that into you… books, movies, self-help gurus — all telling us how to know when it’s time to walk away from a guy who is not interested.

Well today, you’re going to discover something that is way more encouraging, and useful, in your search for your soulmate. You’re going to find out, once and for all, how men who ARE interested in you subconsciously put out signals so that you can pick up on them and consciously respond. This alone will remove a ton of the long-standing mystery around men and eliminates the “does he like me or not” dilemma!

See, most communication happens not through what we say, but by our body language. We may put a lot of thought into our words but our body shifts and moves with very little, if any, thought involved. When you pick up on these subtle signals from a man, you’ll know just where he stands and what you should do next.

#1: I’m diggin’ you!

When a man sees you and his eyebrows suddenly raise, he’s feeling it. This little gesture happens very quickly so you’ve got to watch for it. You might also see his lips part — another “speaks louder than words” body movement that says “Hellllo, I’m attracted to you.”

#2: Notice me!

The next time you’re around a man, notice if he makes movements that are a bit more exaggerated than usual. For example, he might snap the paper he’s reading or set his coffee cup down a little bit harder. Even though a guy doesn’t know he’s doing it, this kind of action is equivalent to the primal act of beating a drum or a young boy acting out — they’re saying “Pay attention to me. Now is good!”

#3: Do I look okay?

Another tiny, but important, clue to look for is when a man starts adjusting his tie or lapel in front of you. He may even smooth his hair or alternate smoothing it with messing it up a little. These little grooming rituals are his way of calming his own nervous jitters.

Small Things Could Mean Big Things

Do you see how all of these small movements can be so subtle, you miss them? You might be so focused on your own words and body language that you’re not seeing the signs that he’s sending… signs that he’s into you.

Body language is very powerful and these are just 3 of the ways you can instantly tell if he’s tuned in to you, even though he doesn’t have a clue he’s doing them!

Once you recognize these little hints, you can take immediate action by listening intently, asking great questions, mimicking some of his body language, and tuning right back into him — all of the things that make dating, flirting, and getting to know someone fun and fruitful.

Just as you’re learning to recognize his body language, take note of your own, too. Are you sitting face-to-face with him? Are you smiling? Are you flipping your hair? Noticing these things about yourself will help you determine your developing feelings for this guy and wipe out some of the wonder.

These are only a few of the MANY secrets you need to know to uplevel your attraction factor. Imagine… becoming a “psychic” around men and having the ability to Identify ALL the subtle signs – along with knowing what high quality men are looking for and the best dating sites you need to be on. Ready to be a “man-psychic in training”? Go ahead and download my Ultimate Guide to Online Dating and discover how you can polish up your flirting, dating, and relationship skills.

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