Who Am I to Teach You How to Be More Attractive to Men and Have More FUN on Dates?

The short answer is: 2,500 women can’t be wrong. That’s how many smart, heart-centered women (just like you!) have come through my private coaching programs and signature Feminine Power Workshop. Every single client and student created HUGE breakthroughs in their love life.

Starting right here, right now. Let’s take you off the rollercoaster and get you on the RIGHT path to love. My name is Kim Sarasin and I’ve dedicated my life to coaching and mentoring women at every age and every stage of their love life about how to show up and be the MOST attractive, feminine and desirable woman in the room when men are around. I’m proud to humbly share my success rate for connecting women with their soulmate is 97%.

Now, I’m ready to peel back the curtain and give you access to the HOTTEST tips I shared with a select group of women during a 3 part teleclass focused on vastly improving your dating experiences.

My 47 Secrets to Wow the Next Guy You Date  is the answer to your prayers! This high content audio set and 60 page transcript is packed with TONS of hot tips and SECRETS that – up until now – only my top paying clients have been able to access.   I’m spilling the secrets to having success with men at every stage of dating.

I’ve been secretly offering this ONLY to workshop students and it sells out every time!


“Your Tips Helped Me Find Hope I Will Meet Someone”


“I have just started to listen to your “47 Secrets” audios. Not even through the first one and have already gotten GREAT tips and insights!

After listening to the first CD, I had the dawning realization that the guy I was hanging my hopes on is never going to want to commit. Your tips are helping me find hope that I will indeed meet someone who will want to be with me and that I will be attracted to. So my practice is to work on loving myself and filling my own tank – maybe I’ll find my self so happy I won’t care anymore if I ever meet anyone!

As I listen to your tips, I am noticing a shift and I can feel a big win just around the corner. Can hardly wait to be your next, great success story! I’ve already started telling people about your work and am looking forward to your book getting out there when it is done. Your work has given me (and all women!) the tools on how to be women and men to be men. Thanks Kim!”

~ Pat 

I’ve also been the VERY privileged position of receiving feedback from literally hundreds of men during my 11 year career as a dating and relationship expert. Men have confided their deepest secrets about what attracts them to women – things they NEVER (or will) share with other women.

We combined our personal experiences in relationships with men, hours of interviews and expert observations of what our most successful clients were doing consistently that helped them succeed in love. As I learn, you learn – only sharing tips once their perfected.

Many speakers struggle to find stages to speak on. Not the case for me. Why? Because the tips I share for FREE during my keynotes create such an impact for attendees, event organizers actively seek ME out through word of mouth. You can imagine how much I reveal with those who actually invest!.

“Thank you SO much for bringing your grace and wisdom to WOW”

That was a very juicy evening Kim! Thank you SO much for bringing your grace and wisdom to WOW. Attendees shared nothing but good things about the evening, and I personally loved it. Thank you ,thank you, thank YOU for all that you do and everything you are. I celebrate you!

~ Christine Awram Founder, Women of Worth, theWOWevent.com

“Now I know How to Show Up As a Better Man For Women”


During the calls, It was so easy to listen to your voice “silky smooth and fluent” interlaced with “bubbles of laughter” and “little rippling streams of smiles and soothing certainties”….

I appreciated the breakdown of the topics – they made so much sense, they are all separate and distinct interesting topics. Even as a man, I connected with all of them because I encounter women often who still have biological clocks to concern them and are in mid-thrust with their successful business careers and/or being financially independent/ upwardly mobile….or all of the above. Your tips helped me relate with their struggles and, now I know how to show up as a better man for women.

What I do think is encouraging is that there are women out there who CARE what they’re doing……who care enough to listen to your information to find out about what makes men tick and what we want too! Good stuff Kim!

~ Duncan F.

Here’s what you’ll receive on each audio:

Audio # 1

WHY You’re a Uniquely Fabulous Woman (great confidence booster!)

How to Live a Flirtatious Life All the Time

BIG Mistakes You’re Making on Dates – And What to Do Instead (TONS of tips here)

Audio # 2

Understand WHO Men Are

Why You Need Men (excellent if you’re VERY independent!)

Busting Up the Top Most Common Dating Myths

5 Stages of Dating (no more wondering where you stand with a man)

Audio # 3

How Men Choose YOU (get inside the mind of a man)

How You Choose Men

Where Are All the Men? (we found them – woo hoo!)

How to Confidently RE enter the Dating Scene

Your Action Plan & Checklist (how to take our tips into YOUR dating life)


My “47 Secrets to WOW the Next Guy You Date” will guide you step-by-step with multiple ways to boost your confidence, bust up dating myths holding you back and support you with having way more FUN with the men you meet.

I promise…by the time you’ve listened to the last audio, you will quickly see how SIMPLE it is to navigate the dating scene – and be 100% more attractive to men – immediately!

My tips are so easy to implement right away – I’ll be guiding you every step of the way!


A few comments that came in during the 3 part teleseries…

“Wow, what a great series. I was totally unaware that I was ‘trumping men’s stories’…thanks Kim & Christine!”

~ Carmen, San Francisco, CA

“You both came across so sincere and genuine, you were right when you said that women have no role models on how to be feminine.”

  ~ Elaine D., New York, New York

“This stuff is SO GOOD. I saw myself in all the points you made – yikes! – I’m putting your tips into action right away.”

~ Kelli S.,Vancouver, B.C.

“I’m Feeling SO Enthusiastic About Getting Out There!”

Before purchasing Kim’s 47 Secrets product I always believed I needed to go dutch or repay the man until I felt interested enough – otherwise I was “taking advantage” of him.  I also felt I needed to contribute to creating the date by suggesting things and organizing adventures. After listening to Kim’s cd’s – I can see all the stuff I was doing wrong! And, my confidence with men has started to increase. I had a lot of powerful insights after listening to cd # 1 and 2, and I immediately noticed a difference in how I  viewed myself.  For the first time, a healthier dating life for myself is going to be much easier to achieve and I’m feeling SO enthusiastic about getting out there!

~ Marie C

So What Are These Tips Worth to You?

In terms of money, one private session with me costs $1,000 per hour. (And, there is no way I would be able to cover everything I share in these audio’s in one session!)

BUT, more importantly, imagine what it will be like to sit across the table from a man and feel completely confident, having FUN – while igniting his deepest attention and attraction.

Priceless, yes?

Go ahead and grab your copy TODAY before the price goes back up!

Regular Price $197  Today ONLY $97


Can’t wait to hear about how much this changed your dating life!

Until then,

To YOUR Dating Success!

Kim Sarasin
The Queen of Hearts™