5 Things You MUST to Attract Love

FACT: Everything you’ve learned throughout your life influences the way you attract love

It’s true and I’m betting these old habits are hindering you from finding your one true love, aren’t they?

It’s time to do something different and I’m here to help get you drive in the fast lane so you can attract your king. I know you’re ready so buckle up and let’s go!

With some Easter fun in mind, you’re going on an egg hunt. No, you won’t be running around filling your basket with dozens of colorful plastic eggs found in all the secret spots.

Yours will be a much more intentional egg hunt where you will pick up just a few precious eggs, each representing what you need to do to attract your soulmate.

This is an egg hunt for TRUE LOVE!

Want the best news? You don’t have to fill your basket to be declared the “winner” — you just need to select the right eggs for YOU, place them in your beautiful basket, and then stay focused on what each of them represents on your soulmate journey.

In this issue of Love Letter, just focus on identifying which “eggs” you need in your basket and then be sure to come right back here in two weeks because that’s when you’ll crack each of your eggs open to see what’s inside.

I encourage you to really dive into this exercise — you can make a list or find an actual basket and decorate each egg to represent what you want to “birth” in order to speed up your soulmate journey — it’s all up to you.

Got your basket? Good!

1. Open Your Heart

Before our egg hunt can even begin, you must ask yourself if your heart is really open to love. Is there any part of you that is holding back? Is there self-sabotaging going on? Is there junk from previous relationships keeping you stuck?

It’s okay if your heart isn’t fully open yet — this just means there’s an egg with a big heart on it that you should place in your basket reminding you to be open and available!

2. Strengthen Your Beliefs

To attract genuine, long-lasting love into your life, you must have two very strong beliefs:

  • The belief that you can be happy and fulfilled without a man in your life. You’re not putting your dreams and happiness on hold waiting for your knight in shining armor to arrive and “save” you.
  • Truly believe that your soulmate is out there. Know with certainty that the man who will love you, adore you, and treat you like the queen that you are is just as excited to meet you as you are to meet him.

If you aren’t wholeheartedly believing these truths, then this egg should definitely go in your basket!

3. Have Confidence in YOU

Look at each area of your life and measure how happy and confident you are there — work, friend relationships, family. Do you easily experience success and healthy relationships in all of these places, yet consistently fall apart and lose your power in romantic relationships?

Without even realizing it, you can feel very confident in some areas but low in others. Many women never make this connection so they don’t do what they need to do to raise their confidence level in their love life.

Add this egg to your basket if your confidence cracks under love pressure!

4. Practice Self Love

To attract true love, you must first love yourself. Loving yourself means taking good care of your body, mind, and spirit.

As I’ve shared before, making everyone and everything in your life a priority over yourself (work, kids, etc.), is not the road to success in love. Why? If you have a habit of accommodating others first, as soon as a man enters your life, you’ll find yourself as fragile as an egg shell. Taking care of his needs before your own is a surefire way to always feel like your basket is empty.

If this is you, grab the “self-love” egg and place it gently in your basket.

5. Focus on the Good

In order for your heart to be open to new love, you must focus on the good — in yourself, in others, and in life. Do you complain a lot? Are you quick to find fault in others? Are you down on yourself and sending the message of “I’m not good enough” into the universe? What do others experience when they are around you?

If you need to shift your focus back to the positive, pick up the “good” egg and add it to your basket.

What’s Next?

As you decide which of these “eggs” to focus on over the next two weeks, make a note about your feelings and what you do (or don’t do) to fulfill each of these and how that is keeping you from living in the light and the love you desire.

I’ll see you back here in the next issue for more on how you can spring into new love this year!

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