9 Ways to Activate Your Inner Jupiter Magnetism

Inspired by the photos taken of Jupiter last week, I am remembering how the ‘planet of plenty’ represents gratitude, a broader purpose, and new possibility.

In the 30,000 coaching sessions I’ve conducted with women who are on the path to finding true love, I know that ending the year without having met all the relationship goals you’ve set can feel disheartening.

However, all is not a loss – and this is NOT the time to stop.

There is still plenty of time to take some giant leaps along your journey to love – and today I’m sharing 9 of the absolute BEST things you can do starting right now that will dramatically increase your chance of finding the ONE.

I invite you to print this list off or write them down somewhere you will see it daily until you’ve mastered each one. Have FUN.

1) Appreciate a Man at Every Opportunity – men need to know that all the effort they put into courting you and capturing your heart is valued. Demonstrate your gratitude every step of the way.

2) Be Available and Approachable – It’s important to keep a man pursuing you – to a point. If you put him in a position where he is always the one calling you, making the plans, travelling to see you, he’ll eventually start to feel you’re not invested or interested.

3) Be Who You Really Are – whether a man is spiritual or not, every person on the planet has the ability to sense when something is off. Be the same person you are with your friends, not someone who you think he will like.

4) Mirror His Body Language – Imitating his body language, gestures, movements and facial expressions – he’ll unconsciously feel a sense of comfort with you. The more comfortable he feels, the more attractive you are to him.

5) Always Ask for Help – Yes, you can produce all you need on your own, but a high quality man is more attracted to a woman who allows him to produce things for her.

6) Smile – It’s human nature for us to be effortlessly drawn to anyone who smiles at us and this especially applies when you’re in the company of men. One of my famous quotes: “When a man does something you like, don’t forget to inform your face!”

7) Make Frequent Eye Contact – Know if you’re shy or nervous this might be a challenge – but eye contact is one of the most captivating forms of personal communication. Eye contact creates closeness, trust, and attraction. Let him see those beautiful windows to your soul as much as possible.

8) Have a Firm Handshake – I have met literally hundreds of people socially in my life and nothing makes me recoil more than a limp handshake. When you meet a man socially, please, please, please shake his hand with a firm grip, then relax your hand and gently pull it away.

And finally, speaking of hands…

9) Keep Your Hands Away from Your Face – Putting your hands on your face during a conversation sends an unconscious message that you’re either bored, judging them, or trying to hide something.

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