About Kim Sarasin – The Queen of Hearts

Kim Sarasin – The Queen of Hearts™ is one of North America’s most sought after relationship experts. With over 50,000 fans & followers and a 97% success rate for connecting women with their soulmate, Kim has dusted off the hearts of thousands of women across the globe through her private coaching practice and popular online group programs.

Kim specializes in helping women balance their masculine energy and activate more of their soft, feminine grace – something that many women have become disconnected from, stuffing it down in order to not appear weak, especially in the business world. This is at the core of all her teachings. Like attracts like. If you want to attract a King, then you must know how to BE a Queen!

Along with supporting women in love, Kim has also developed numerous popular online programs that will help you transform and heal your limiting money stories so you’re able to release your money blocks and live life as a true Money Goddess.

Kim is a regular guest expert on numerous media outlets, including CTV, CBC TV, Global TV, The Globe & Mail, Shape Magazine and Vancouver Sun to name a few. Kim has also been nominated 2 years consecutively for the prestigious RBC Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award for her contribution to her community and industry.

For media inquiries or to book an interview contact: media (at) attractyourking (dot) com

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