Boost Your Dating Confidence Right Now!

What’s your confidence level in The Dating Game? If you’ve been searching for the right guy for a while, you may get to a point where you’re attracting more “duds” than “studs”. This can really throw your own confidence off and make it very difficult for you to set and reach your love goals. We […]

Top 10 Thought Provokers to Launch Your 2018 Soulmate Goals

There’s always an element of excitement when we’re about to start a New Year. It’s like we’re getting a second chance – an opportunity to BE or DO better than we did in the current year. A lovely, clean, blank canvas to create whatever you want, and that includes updating (and upgrading!) your soulmate goals. […]

The Classy Girl’s Guide to Answering “Why Are You Still Single?”

The Holidays are a wonderful time for celebration but, if you’re single, you might be dreading the thought of being asked that horrible question… “Why are you still single?” Ouch! Friends, family, and co-workers have no idea how uncomfortable this makes you feel. I’m passionate about shedding light on this because, as a coach, it’s […]

9 Ways to Activate Your Inner Jupiter Magnetism

Inspired by the photos taken of Jupiter last week, I am remembering how the ‘planet of plenty’ represents gratitude, a broader purpose, and new possibility. In the 30,000 coaching sessions I’ve conducted with women who are on the path to finding true love, I know that ending the year without having met all the relationship […]

It May Suck To Be Single… But Here’s How To Make It Suck a Lot Less

Yep, sometimes it just plain sucks to be single. You look around and see women with their boyfriends or husbands and think “She has a man, why don’t I?” Then begins the dreaded questions and comparisons… She’s no prettier than I am, is she? Did she meet him online? Even women who have found a […]

11 Questions to Know if You Need to END a Relationship

Many people stay in relationships long past the expiry date. Maybe you’re afraid of dealing with the awkwardness of breaking up or don’t want to be alone again. Maybe you’re just not sure. Some things might be working but other parts are not, leaving you with the quandary of sticking it out or walking away. […]

The Shadow Side of People Pleasing

You’ve most likely have met her. She’s the woman who volunteers to make all the cookies for the school bake sale because she can see how busy everyone else is. She’s the faithful friend who will drive 12 hours to see you because she appreciates how valuable your time is. Your happiness, well-being and comfort […]

7 TRUTH Bombs About Love and The Independent Woman

I don’t know about you, but for years I believed men would be more attracted to me if I demonstrated how independent I was. My misguided and, as I later discovered, totally untrue belief drove me to be the most “hassle-free” kind of gal any man could be in a relationship with. I would immediately […]

The 3 Crystal Clear Signs That Show a Man is INTO You

There’s so much attention around how to tell if a man is just not that into you… books, movies, self-help gurus — all telling us how to know when it’s time to walk away from a guy who is not interested. Well today, you’re going to discover something that is way more encouraging, and useful, […]

Fathers and Daughters – It’s Never Too Late

Last time, I encouraged you to make a list of all of your past relationships with men and note what issues or problems you had with each. Then, you wrote out all of the difficulties you’ve ever had with your father. Finally, you took those lists and compared the similarities. If you are like the […]