3 Easy Steps to Instantly Activate Your Feminine Energy

Recently a client asked me: “Kim, how can I communicate with the same feminine poise and grace that you do?” I’m always so touched when clients ask me this, and have immense compassion for them. Many of my clients hire me because they have quite a bit of masculine energy activated, and they’re feeling the […]

3 Golden Rules of a Loving Relationship

If I had a dime each time someone has asked me for the magic bullet/ ONE thing to lasting love – I would be a billionaire! However, I do understand why everyone wants to know. We can become so overwhelmed with information from books and the internet, you might have a hard time deciding where […]

9 Ways to Activate Your Inner Jupiter Magnetism

1) Appreciate a Man at Every Opportunity – men need to know that all the effort they put into courting you and capturing your heart is valued. Demonstrate your gratitude every step of the way. 2) Be Available and Approachable – It’s important to keep a man pursuing you – to a point. If you […]

21 Amazing Questions to Ask a Man on a Date

When you’re getting to know a man online or on your first few dates, it can be a challenge to get to know who he really is – and how his mind works – without coming across like you’re interrogating or interviewing him. This was coming up for one of my clients recently. And I […]

5 Signs You Are in the RIGHT Relationship

I invite you to use this list as an opportunity to check in with your current relationship and celebrate everything that’s working – along with where you could use a tune-up.  If you’re single – this is a great way to help you reflect on past relationships and define your expectations for the future. 1.  […]

5 Ways to Stay LOYAL to Your Inner ROYAL

When I received this gorgeous framed print of Helen Bonham Carter as a gift one Xmas, I immediately turned to my Mother and said “this is PERFECT for an article I’m writing!” The confidence, boldness and overall sassyiness of this image electrified me right away. Staying connected to your Inner Queen (or King) when your […]

How to Talk About Money With Your Man

The recessions we’ve gone through in the last decade have had an enormous impact on couples. Roles are being reversed as more men are being laid off and women are becoming the main breadwinners – creating many new issues couples have never had to deal with before. Women are becoming the breadwinners – yet at […]

How to Quickly Bust Through Your Money Blocks

I understand how frustrating it can be when you have a desire to increase your income in your career or business – and nothing shifts. Every year, no matter what you do, you’re bringing in the same (or sometimes less) then the year before. It’s like you’ve hit a money ‘ceiling’ – yikes! Men can […]

The First Place to Start Improving Your Love Life

It can be frustrating when you’re ready to meet your perfect man – but it’s just not happening. When we’re stuck in our love life, it can be a challenge to remove yourself enough from your current circumstances to determine the best place to start so you can shift what’s blocking you. When I work […]

Exploring Your Romantic Relationships Through Archetypes

Based on the positive feedback I received from my last article when we looked at Soul Contracts, I felt it would really serve you to expand on this a bit more to support you even further by exploring (specifically) romantic relationships through Archetypes. Romantic partnerships tend to activate our true motivations and unconscious beliefs. And […]