How to Quickly Bust Through Your Money Blocks

I understand how frustrating it can be when you have a desire to increase your income in your career or business – and nothing shifts. Every year, no matter what you do, you’re bringing in the same (or sometimes less) then the year before. It’s like you’ve hit a money ‘ceiling’ – yikes! Men can […]

The First Place to Start Improving Your Love Life

It can be frustrating when you’re ready to meet your perfect man – but it’s just not happening. When we’re stuck in our love life, it can be a challenge to remove yourself enough from your current circumstances to determine the best place to start so you can shift what’s blocking you. When I work […]

Exploring Your Romantic Relationships Through Archetypes

Based on the positive feedback I received from my last article when we looked at Soul Contracts, I felt it would really serve you to expand on this a bit more to support you even further by exploring (specifically) romantic relationships through Archetypes. Romantic partnerships tend to activate our true motivations and unconscious beliefs. And […]

Healing Relationships Through Your Soul Contracts

As a soul mate expert, I most often speak about relationships in terms of romantic love and attracting your soulmate. There’s certainly lots to share and teach about this – but it can be a bit one-dimensional. Most people I work with now are looking for deeper meaning and open to experiencing a spiritual awakening. […]

3 Lies About Love That Are Blocking You From Meeting the One

With the infinite amount of information we have available to us now on the internet, talk shows and books, sometimes getting to the nugget of our blocks can be confusing. Before I chose to become an expert on this topic, I found it so frustrating myself to get the answers I needed when I had […]

10 Things to Tell Your Guy Exactly What You Want

When we’re in the first bloom of love, it feels effortless. He’s saying and doing all the right things – increasing your attraction to him every day. Then, maybe about 3 or 4 down the road – things change. I’ve witnessed this happen countless times with my clients. It’s at the 4-month mark when the […]

8 Warning Signs Your New Relationship is Unhealthy

It’s always a huge celebration when we meet someone special we can form an intimate bond with. Even better when you’re past the awkward stage and begin to settle in to a level of intimacy that feels safe so you can just be “yourself”. However, sometimes when the “real” person emerges – it might not […]

The Biggest Reason Why Men Lose Interest

This is a typical scenario. You meet a guy and everything seems like it’s going great. An intense, high chemistry and connection develops – the possibility of exclusivity and commitment is on the horizon. Then slowly but surely, he starts to withdraw. He’s gone from calling everyday, to an entire week passing without any communication. […]

7 Ways You Can Be the Best Boyfriend Ever

You focused your time, money and energy on one special lady – and she said YES. Huge congratulations to you! Even though you couldn’t be happier, you might be starting to think about how you can continue to make her happier, right? In a recent article I shared tips for women about how they can […]

7 Ways To Be The Best Girlfriend Ever

Congratulations. You figured it out. After spending years searching, wishing and praying for your dream guy to show up – at last he did. So giving you major high fives for that, girlfriend! And now, you might thinking it’s one thing to catch him, but a whole different set of tools might be required to […]