Extraordinary Dating Confidence (Part 3) Confident Men: A Female Perspective

Women are fickle by nature and have many more needs, wants and desires compared to men – making it very confusing for men to ‘pin down’ exactly what they can do to get a woman’s attention. Read on to discover what a confident man looks like from a woman’s point of view.   **************************   […]

Extraordinary Dating Confidence (Part 2) Confident Women: A Male Perspective

I want to thank everyone who called and emailed me with their stories about how the last issue helped them clear the ‘gunk’ from their life – loved hearing from you and I’m glad I could help! When men say they’re attracted to a confident woman, it can be a little confusing in this day […]

3 Keys to Extraordinary Dating Confidence Part 1: The Basics

When you’re single and in search of your ideal partner, you often have to ‘kiss many frogs’ along the way and experience a fair amount of rejection. It can knock the confidence out of you even on your best days! This is Part 1 of a three part series (lots to cover!) focused on ways […]

Is Your Relationship Clock Ticking?

The other day I got a call from a woman telling me how disappointed she was that she still hadn’t found her life partner. My heart went out to her. This woman is attractive, intelligent, and financially independent. She knows she has great qualities to offer – making it all the more frustrating that her […]