“How to Create Instant Chemistry with a Man”

When you meet someone you’re attracted to, the goal (and hope) is they will be equally attracted to you and everything works out like it does in the movies, yes? The reality for most women – especially if you’ve been out of the dating loop for awhile – is you get nervous, tongue tied or […]

Is clutter holding you back from the love you want?

I was thinking about you today and wanted to share an important tip that is KEY to manifesting the love you want: To be able to manifest love, you MUST let go of those things that are energetic anchors to your PAST. As I’ve shared in many articles, everything is energy…and it’s true. We are […]

The Difference Between Relating and Relationships

I’ve worked with many individuals over the years – students and clients alike – and one place I see people getting in their own way with relationships is when they put their relationships and dating life in a box. When you cling to a vision of what a relationship should look like, you become attached […]

How to Become Queen of Your Own Heart

As solo business owner working from home, it’s easy for “cabin fever” to set in so I often jump at any opportunity to attend parties, network and be involved with the various women associations I belong to. I truly love doing this because it exposes me to a large and diverse group of women – […]

The # 1 Dating Mistake You Must Stop Right Now

Between my workshops, networking and events I regularly attend, it’s not uncommon to run into past clients and students when I’m out and about in my city. One such occasion happened recently when I went for a nightcap after a gala event with my gal pal, Lauren. Lauren is hot. Petite, long dark hair and […]

3 Tips to Prevent Men from Cheating on You

I’m not one to pay much attention to the tabloids but I have to admit it’s been hard to escape the amount of press being given to cheating husbands lately – namely Tiger Woods and Sandra Bullock’s husband Jesse James.

How to Have Better Communication

Ah, communication. This has to be the single biggest source of conflict between the sexes that I encounter on a daily basis in my coaching practice and workshops. Women want more of it, men want less of it. So how can we create a happy medium? To start, it’s important to understand that women communicate […]

4 Simple Tips to Get Your Relationship Back On Track

You know your relationship is in a ‘rut’ when your having thoughts like: “He doesn’t do romantic things for me anymore” “She’s always complaining, why make an effort” “We don’t communicate anymore” “We’re too busy to spend time together” When two people have been together for awhile it’s inevitable that the ‘bloom’ will ‘fade from […]