3 Quick Tips to Call In The ONE

Feeling disappointed you haven’t attracted your man yet? Often when it feels like it’s taking FOR ever, the temptation to believe love just isn’t in the cards for you can be high. The “I think I’ll just give up” stage is very common – but it doesn’t have to be the end of the line […]

11 Questions to Know if You Need to END a Relationship

Many people stay in relationships long past the expiry date. Maybe you’re afraid of dealing with the awkwardness of breaking up or don’t want to be alone again. Maybe you’re just not sure. Some things might be working but other parts are not, leaving you with the quandary of sticking it out or walking away. […]

The Shadow Side of People Pleasing

You’ve most likely have met her. She’s the woman who volunteers to make all the cookies for the school bake sale because she can see how busy everyone else is. She’s the faithful friend who will drive 12 hours to see you because she appreciates how valuable your time is. Your happiness, well-being and comfort […]

5 Ways to To Deal with An Envious Mother

In my last article, we explored healing your relationship with your Mother. In that article, we looked at how your mother treated you and how she interacted with the men around her helped define how you now think and behave in your own romantic relationships. Often, healing the relationship with your mother can help you […]

11 Questions to Help You Decide If You Should END a Relationship

Many people stay in relationships long past the expiry date. Maybe you’re afraid of dealing with the awkwardness of breaking up – or having to face the fact that you will be alone again. Or maybe you’re just not sure. Some things are working, but other parts are not. It’s a tough position to be […]

A Simple Step-By-Step Guide for Setting and Keeping Boundaries – Part 2

Welcome Back, gorgeous! It’s been two weeks of honestly listening to yourself and paying attention to how well you establish and hold your boundaries in romantic relationships — how did you do? Just in case you missed the homework assignment, you can find it here so jump in and join us! I know it’s not […]

3 Golden Rules of a Loving Relationship

If I had a dime each time someone has asked me for the magic bullet/ ONE thing to lasting love – I would be a billionaire! However, I do understand why everyone wants to know. We can become so overwhelmed with information from books and the internet, you might have a hard time deciding where […]

5 Signs You Are in the RIGHT Relationship

I invite you to use this list as an opportunity to check in with your current relationship and celebrate everything that’s working – along with where you could use a tune-up.  If you’re single – this is a great way to help you reflect on past relationships and define your expectations for the future. 1.  […]

5 Ways to Stay LOYAL to Your Inner ROYAL

When I received this gorgeous framed print of Helen Bonham Carter as a gift one Xmas, I immediately turned to my Mother and said “this is PERFECT for an article I’m writing!” The confidence, boldness and overall sassyiness of this image electrified me right away. Staying connected to your Inner Queen (or King) when your […]

How to Quickly Bust Through Your Money Blocks

I understand how frustrating it can be when you have a desire to increase your income in your career or business – and nothing shifts. Every year, no matter what you do, you’re bringing in the same (or sometimes less) then the year before. It’s like you’ve hit a money ‘ceiling’ – yikes! Men can […]