3 Steps to Discover if You’re Choosing Men Who are Just Like Your Father

Just like with our mothers, taking a hard look at the reality of the relationship with father can bring up old wounds. I encourage you to go through this at your own pace and really take the time to let it all soak in. In addition, please practice extreme self-care while on this journey, taking […]

5 Ways to To Deal with An Envious Mother

In my last article, we explored healing your relationship with your Mother. In that article, we looked at how your mother treated you and how she interacted with the men around her helped define how you now think and behave in your own romantic relationships. Often, healing the relationship with your mother can help you […]

Healing the Mother/ Daughter Relationship

Did you know your mother – and how she treated you growing up – is impacting your romantic partnerships right now? Many women don’t consider this, or are even aware how the dynamics of this emotional bond play out as an adult. Even as grown women, we yearn to feel a connection with our mothers. […]

11 Questions to Help You Decide If You Should END a Relationship

Many people stay in relationships long past the expiry date. Maybe you’re afraid of dealing with the awkwardness of breaking up – or having to face the fact that you will be alone again. Or maybe you’re just not sure. Some things are working, but other parts are not. It’s a tough position to be […]

5 Things You MUST to Attract Love

FACT: Everything you’ve learned throughout your life influences the way you attract love It’s true and I’m betting these old habits are hindering you from finding your one true love, aren’t they? It’s time to do something different and I’m here to help get you drive in the fast lane so you can attract your […]

How to Deal with Envy, Jealousy and Comparing Yourself to Others

At times, you have probably compared yourself to other women – their looks, lifestyle, and smarts are just a few characteristics that we use to score ourselves against – and that will cause us to feel “less than”. Marketing campaigns targeted at women have certainly capitalized on this to get us to buy certain products […]

5 Signs You Are a Victim of Gas Lighting

If you’re a fan of old movies, you might recognize this image from the 1944 movie Gas Light, where a husband attempts to drive his wife crazy by dimming the lights (powered by gas) in their home, and then denies that the light changed when his wife points it out. Flash forward to today, “gas […]

How To Have a Fun and Fabulous Valentine’s Day — Even if You’re Not in a Relationship

You’ve been on my mind all this week. I’m thinking about you, and all the women in my community who are single (and maybe not feeling great about this). If you’re typical way to spend February 14 is hiding under the covers until it blows over – I thought I would offer some other options […]

A Simple Step-By-Step Guide for Setting and Keeping Boundaries – Part 2

Welcome Back, gorgeous! It’s been two weeks of honestly listening to yourself and paying attention to how well you establish and hold your boundaries in romantic relationships — how did you do? Just in case you missed the homework assignment, you can find it here so jump in and join us! I know it’s not […]

A Simple Step-By-Step Guide for Setting and Keeping Boundaries – Part 1

A Simple Step-By-Step Guide for Setting and Keeping Boundaries – Part 1 It all starts out so perfectly – new man, new relationship, lots of fun; It’s easy, natural, and everything just flows. You feel confident, vibrant, and trusting. Skip ahead a few weeks or months and now you’re finding yourself living a life that […]