The First Step to Understanding Men

Being flat on your back certainly gives you plenty of time for pause and reflection and, knowing my article for this issue was due, I thought I would share when I had my first breakthrough with men. I’ve had quite a long journey of self discovery on my many roads to love, but, none of […]

What To Do When You’re Just Not Into Them

Yesterday a female reader sent in a great question. It’s a common scenario that both men and women experience at some point in their dating life and thought it would be tremendously beneficial for all my subscribers to see my answer instead of replying privately. Q.Kim, I’ve just come out of 2 relationships that weren’t […]

How to Crack the Male Communication Code

The most requested issue women ask me to help them with is getting men to communicate more. What women don’t realize is that men ARE communicating to them all the time, but women keep missing it because the way men express themselves is through a code. Other men easily understand this code, but for women, […]

Men, Women & Money

In my last workshop, one of my participants asked the question: “Who should pay for dinner on a date?” This isn’t the first time I’ve been asked this question. What is interesting though, is that the ONLY students who ask me this are my female participants. However this isn’t surprising if we look at women […]

The Annual Heat Cycle

When I was doing research about men and women in California, I had the opportunity to meet Steve and Vera Bodansky. Steve and Vera are well known ‘sex gurus’ in the United States and they’ve done an incredible amount of research on the subject of sexual and sensual pleasure. In 2000 they wrote a New […]

Mad Men and the Modern Businesswoman

Last week I got an email from a man wanting advice on how to deal with an overly aggressive female co worker. This is a common issue that many men deal with in business. For men, it’s important that you understand why women are like this and I hope today’s article will shed some light… […]

Why Men Won’t Commit

The question I probably get asked the most from my female clients and participants is “Why do men have such a hard time with commitment?”. Men actually don’t have any problem with committing to a woman. Without women, men really aren’t up to much. Yes, they work hard at their jobs, put more ram in […]