It May Suck To Be Single… But Here’s How To Make It Suck a Lot Less

Yep, sometimes it just plain sucks to be single. You look around and see women with their boyfriends or husbands and think “She has a man, why don’t I?” Then begins the dreaded questions and comparisons… She’s no prettier than I am, is she? Did she meet him online? Even women who have found a […]

How To Have a Fun and Fabulous Valentine’s Day — Even if You’re Not in a Relationship

You’ve been on my mind all this week. I’m thinking about you, and all the women in my community who are single (and maybe not feeling great about this). If you’re typical way to spend February 14 is hiding under the covers until it blows over – I thought I would offer some other options […]

3 Golden Rules of a Loving Relationship

If I had a dime each time someone has asked me for the magic bullet/ ONE thing to lasting love – I would be a billionaire! However, I do understand why everyone wants to know. We can become so overwhelmed with information from books and the internet, you might have a hard time deciding where […]

9 Ways to Activate Your Inner Jupiter Magnetism

1) Appreciate a Man at Every Opportunity – men need to know that all the effort they put into courting you and capturing your heart is valued. Demonstrate your gratitude every step of the way. 2) Be Available and Approachable – It’s important to keep a man pursuing you – to a point. If you […]

3 Easy Steps to Define Your Ideal Customer

During my free call “5 Things to Master So You Can Market Like a Queen”, the very first thing I recommended to master is understanding who your ideal clients is. If you believe you should work with anyone who will pay you – your marketing, copy and message won’t be focused and won’t resonate with […]

5 Signs a Man is Not Marriage Material

Prefer to Listen to This Article? Click the Play Button Below   Have you ever stayed in a relationship too long? You’re not alone. I’ve coached numerous clients who were embarrassed to admit they remained with men even when they weren’t getting all they’re needs met. It happens to the best of us – and […]

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Cracking the Male Communication

The most requested issue women ask me to help them with is getting men to communicate more. What women don’t realize is that men ARE communicating to them all the time, but women keep missing it because the way men express themselves is through a male communication code. Other men easily understand this code, but […]

Simple Exercise to Help You Trust in Love Again

When you’ve been in the dating game for a while and maybe attracting more “duds” then “studs”, it can really throw your confidence off. The BIG soulmate goals you intended to accomplish at the beginning of the year have faded into the background. And, maybe you’re noticing your inner critic getting louder – activating limiting […]

How to Embrace Your Personal Power With Love & Money

How to Embrace Your Personal Power With Love & Money  With tax time just around the corner, I know that money is on the minds of many right now. And, there’s most likely a host of limiting beliefs and patterns about your Money Story that might be kicking up for you right now. If you’ve […]