Dating 101: Avoiding the Most Common Mistakes Women Make on Dates

I’m betting that you have taken some kind of classes or lessons to learn different skills in your life: piano lessons, driving classes, sports, photography… you name it and there’s some type of training for it.

But what about dating lessons? Never heard of them, right?

Well that’s all about to change for you!

I work with so many women who are successful in every area of their life except for dating. After we spend time getting down to the real stuff that’s holding them back from the romance of their dreams, they can see what needs to change and how to change it. This opens them wide up to WOW the next man they date.

There are no super-secret tricks here. You and every other woman on her soulmate journey can learn and apply these tips so get ready for “Dating 101 Class”!

Now that you’ve learned how to express your confidence through flirting, it’s time to touch on some of the mistakes that many women make while on dates and how you can turn it around.

  1. Paying the bill – Driven by your independent nature, you offer to pay for half or even the whole bill while on a date. Maybe you want to prove that you can take care of yourself or show him not to expect anything from you (like sex) on the date. But here’s the real scoop so soak this in deeply… When a man asks you out, he’s only going to take you to a place that he can afford. He’s already prepared and expecting to pay. Don’t go grabbing the check or jumping in to help pay. This can turn a great date into a battle of bills.
  2. Over-controlling – When planning a date, especially the first couple of times, avoid being in control. Don’t offer to make the reservations, pick up tickets, or finalize every little detail. He wants to do this for you.
  3. Fishing for financial status – Trust me, men are on to “wallet shopping” women who are interrogating them about their financial status so don’t go there. Within the first few dates, you’ll come to know more and more about his career, lifestyle, etc. Let this information unfold naturally and don’t go digging for it!
  4. Dumping your day – It’s been a heck of a day for you at work. You’re late, frustrated, and just want to let it all out. Do it on the date and you’ll kill the potential romance! Call your best “gotta dump my day” girlfriend before your date and unleash it all on her. This helps clear your mind and heart for what this date has to bring you!
  5. Expecting too much – Arriving for your date with a ton of expectations about how things should go can be a recipe for disaster and disappointment. You’ll end up tuning out early and start thinking about how quickly you can get out of there. If you’re prone to the “dump and run” technique, don’t commit to a date that will last an entire evening – maybe just coffee or a glass of wine rather than dinner. Keep an open mind and you may just make a new friend who as a whole circle of single guy friends!

Don’t beat yourself up for not knowing how to date – no one really teaches this stuff. But now you know and you’ll be prepared to go into your next date ready to be treated like the queen that you are.

Today’s article is only a few (of 47) secrets that guarantee men will be falling over themselves to date you. It’s amazing how a few small changes can have a BIG impact on how men respond to you, just like it has for so many of my clients. Ready to be irresistible to men? Go ahead and download my “47 Secrets to WOW the Next Guy You Date” HERE!

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