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Are You a Smart, Successful Woman Who Can’t Figure Out WHY It’s Soooo Hard to Find a Good Man?

If you are – then buckle up! – I’ve got the SOLUTION
to turn your love life around – right away!

My name is Kim Sarasin, and I’m known as the Queen of Hearts. For 13 years I’ve been coaching, teaching and supporting women (just like you!) with tools and wisdom about how to attract a quality man.

As a relationship coach, I understand no matter what age or stage of life you’re in, meeting the perfect man for you can be a frustrating experience. Your social network is shrinking, your friends are getting paired off and there’s less opportunity for you to meet men.

On top of that, you don’t have the same level of energy to maintain a big network of friends like you did in your 20’s – especially staying up all night and still be able to function and feel fabulous the next day, right??

BUT, this doesn’t change the fact you know in your
bones what a catch you are– so WHERE is he, right?

Frog to KingWell, my friend, the truth is men are everywhere – and good ones at that. In fact, you may have already met him! BUT, if you don’t know how to bring out the best in a man –it can turn any prince into a frog.

A SECRET you should know: men base their attraction on how it FEELS when their around you. And, if you don’t know how to make a man feel good, he won’t call back – or even ask you out on a date!

You MUST understand how men think and what they consider attractive about you. Sadly, I see so many women making big mistakes with words and body language that turn men off.

This is why it’s SO important for you to understand how to show up in the company of men so they see you as the irresistible, magnetic, and authentic woman you are. When you can do that – you don’t need to go out and find men – they FIND YOU.

I see it happen with my clients all the time. Check out what happened for Krista:

“Kim always said my man would arrive when
I least expect it… and he certainly did!”

Krista Hansen

Kim always said my man would arrive when I least expect it…and he certainly did! Bill is the most beautiful match for me and I cannot even begin to describe in words the gratitude that I feel towards you in helping me manifest my greatest desire in life – the man of my dreams! To find your soul mate in life is a rare and special occurrence. I have been overwhelmed with feelings of love, gratitude and joy these past several weeks. I truly want to thank you from my heart for all your personal efforts in helping my dream come true. Kim you are a gem and you possess a rare gift in your profession! With love…

~ Krista Hansen

Meeting a man at a party, the grocery store or on a first date gives you a very small window of time to have the most impact – every minute counts.

Which is WHY it’s so important you show up wherever you go understanding what men need and want from you. You never know where your soulmate is going to be!

In fact, what you really need is a…

Dating Mojo Makeover Title


This HIGH content audio series is the perfect solution to help you confidently navigate the dating scene and find out the SECRETS to attract your dream man. I’ve collected hundreds of questions I’ve received over the past 13 years and put together all the information and tips you need guaranteed to ignite attraction in every man you meet and get them calling you back – often!

You’re a catch, and I’m going to show you how to illuminate all your great qualities so you SHINE and easily attract men wherever you go. It’s all about making men FEEL amazing when they’re with you – and leave him wanting more.

Let’s take a look at some of the major points
I’ll be supporting you with in this audio series:

Queen of Hearts Audio

AUDIO 1: Healing The Issues in Your Tissues

You’d be surprised how many hidden emotional blocks are getting in the way of the love you want – and men are picking up on it. Even if you THINK you’ve worked through your “stuff” – there’s always something you can’t see.

  • Gentle ways to laser in on past hurt, pain, fear or doubt – and a simple exercise to instantly shift it!
  • Release bad habits, patterns and limiting beliefs that no longer serve you


Queen of Hearts AudioAUDIO 2: Get Set Up for Soulmate Success

Once we clean up your emotional world, it’s time to clear up any outer clutter getting in the way of you attracting the right guy into your life. This is about WAY more then just having a tidy house!

  • The hidden, physical items blocking you from attracting love
  • Great ideas for creating a sensual space that reflects the relationship goals you have
  • What item you need to put on your calendar every month to keep you feeling GREAT about yourself and in continual “attraction mode”


Queen of Hearts Audio

AUDIO 3: Understanding Men 101

I’m going to lay out EXACTLY who men are, how they think and the simple things you can do to instantly ignite attraction in every man you meet.

  • The ONE thing you must do before, during and after every date that will make him want you more
  • How to communicate and speak his language so you can bring out the best in him
  • The 5 stages of a man’s dating cycle – and how to know EXACTLY where he’s at (no more wasting time on duds!)
  • The 3 BIGGEST reasons men don’t call back – oh boy – this is going to clear up a lot!


Queen of Hearts Audio

AUDIO 4: Be the MOST Attractive Woman in the Room

There are some pretty major reasons why certain women always get the guy, and others don’t. I’ll be sharing what those are and also:

  • Simple exercises to help you stay calm, cool and CONFIDENT with men
  • How to flirt in a first class way that feels safe, natural and FUN
  • Discover the natural, SECRET Magic Mojo you have that drives men crazy
  • How to keep a man interested in you from the minute you meet


Queen of Hearts Audio

AUDIO 5: Saying the Right Thing at the RIGHT Time

I understand you want to be honest and demonstrate you’re not the kind of gal who doesn’t “plays games”. But, laying out all your cards at once is a serious mistake – and will make a man run in the other direction – fast!

  • Clear timelines for talking about: Sex, money, moving-in and marriage
  • How to approach emotionally charged conversations with ease and steer a man in the direction you want him to go
  • Simple ways to maintain your feminine “mystery” AND still be open and honest

PLUS, in each audio I’ll be giving you FUN “assignments” to help you integrate all tips and information your learning as I hold your hand each step of the way.

By the end of this audio series, you’ll walk away with every tool you need to successfully navigate the dating scene with sass, class and a huge dose of confidence. We’re going to release the bad habits you’ve picked up along the way and seriously amp up your dating mojo – and make every man want you!

Sharon K

“I have so many NEW tools to use in my dating life!”

I wanted to thank you for your AMAZING support in bringing me out of my little protected black box and into the beautiful sunshine. I know that I was pretty resistant at first but your direct and positive approach convinced me that I would never move forward unless I allowed myself to be coached. You have helped get me out of my cocoon and on my way. I did not realize how negative I had become in relationship to men nor how hopeless I was actually feeling about ever being able to retire. It was quite exciting to learn to think “outside the box” on that one! I am really happy to take away SO many NEW tools to use in my dating life and actually have the confidence to take some steps toward looking for a new relationship. On top of all the expert guidance you gave me, I’m thrilled I also lost a total of 15 pounds during our time together – an added bonus I never would have expected while receiving date coaching! Thanks Kim for being in my life.

~ Sharon K


Lisa Cadrain

“Your workshop attracted him right towards me”

Kim, I have met the man of my dreams! What I learned in your workshop attracted him right towards me and I am constantly referring back to the information you taught us. You helped me regain all my faith in love and now I know exactly how to get what I want and be happy!

~ Lisa Cadrain

Kim – This Sounds AMAZING! What’s My Investment?

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Kim's Head ShotI have TONS of goodies in store for you and I can hardly WAIT to give you everything you need to amp up YOUR dating mojo – wonderful!

Until then, sending big hugs and lots of love,

Kim Sarasin
The Queen of Hearts