Being on this page clearly demonstrates you have a strong interest with improving your money health – and I LOVE to reward women like YOU who are committed to your personal growth.

My Fall In Love With Money is a 4-part Audio Series where we’re going to go deep so you can shift the limiting beliefs and hidden blocks about money that have been keeping you stuck for a lifetime. I’ll be walking you through the Souljourneys® method that I personally used to heal my own money stories and combine it with all the other tips & tricks I picked up along the way to support you with creating your own passionate, wonderful love affair with money! And, all of this created for you in a VERY affordable way!

Here’s a sample of what I’ll be revealing:

  • The TOP 8 money stories you have activated that keep you stuck in limiting patterns – and how to shift ALL of them.
  • Heal your intimacy “issues” with money that reflect back to you through your relationships with men
  • Release your past and current bad money habits so you can have a healthy relationship with money
  • Instantly release scarcity thinking and create an abundant mindset so you can enjoy prosperity – in ALL areas of your life
  • Create a positive money reality and align to a Divine, HIGH money vibration that will open up the floodgates to the wealth and abundance you deserve – if I can do it, YOU can
  • Meet and make friends with your Future Wealthy Self so you can release your present money story and live your wealthy life NOW
  • Lots of exercises, healing activation and guidance to support you during and long after this series is over


The Fall in Love with Money Audio Series includes:

  • 4 MP3 Audios you can download and listen to them as many times as you like ($500 value)
  • Audio Transcripts typed up for you and available for download ($100 value)
  • Also BONUS: 2 FREE E-books “Think and Grow Rich” and “The Science of Getting Rich” ($50 value)


If you were to work with me privately for 4 hours to heal your money stories your investment would be $4,000. But, obviously I’m not going to charge you anywhere near that amount. Your investment is only $400 TODAY!



Here’s what I’ve got in store for YOU:

Understanding Men 101

If you want to know who men are, you’ve got to STOP looking at them like their a hairy version of you. I’ll give you 60 ways their different – your love life will be simplified in a nano second!

Embrace Your Feminine Power

This is where you’re going to get clear – very quickly! – exactly what draws men in and how much you bring to the table just by virtue of being a woman. There’s so much you already know HOW to do, you’ve just forgotten or stuffed it away.

How to EASILY Inspire Every Man You Meet

This part of the workshop blows every woman away! I’m going to reveal a super SECRET way for you to get all your needs met and have a man clamoring to provide you with all the big and small stuff you want.

Defining Your 3 BIG Needs

Let’s face it. As a woman – there’s LOTS that you want and those needs can change every 5 minutes. It’s impossible for men to keep up – until now! When we’re done with this section – you’ll be crystal CLEAR how to define and communicate to a man exactly what you want in the moment.

How to Be a Highly Attractive Woman

It took me YEARS to figure out all the subtle ways I was pushing men away. I’m going to take off your “blinders” and show you the 3 BIG things your doing wrong – and what behaviors to replace it with.

How to Train A Man’s Brain

Did you know you can actually train a man to be in tune to your needs? Yup – and it’s SO simple to do. I’ll show you an easy, FUN, 3-step method of communicating that men LOVE and respond to over and over again!



“I’m AMAZED at how much men are doing for me now!”

I have always been an appreciative person, but I had never noticed how much men want to please us, nor how they “produce” all the time. Since your course, I have been putting into practice many of the concepts we learned and I am amazed at how much men are doing for me now! I am also more aware of my own needs and of the nonverbal communication that takes place between men and women. Thank you for the years of research that have led you to understand – at a PROFOUND level – what men and women truly want. Your material is life-affirming and life-changing!

~ Sandy K.,
Entrepreneur, Victoria BC

“I’m LIVING the future I always dreamed about!”

Before signing up for Kim’s Divine QUEEN Program I was spending more and more time on my business and increasingly neglecting my personal relationships. Work was taking over and becoming a struggle; leaving me with little energy and enthusiasm for anything else. Since working with Kim I have made big leaps and changes in all areas of my life. In a space of a few coaching sessions I learned more than I could have imagined about my business, my relationships and myself. I wish I had signed up for Kim’s coaching years ago! I have greater confidence, a strong sense of my self-worth and attracted my dream man! On top of that, I’m manifesting all the right people and opportunities to help me create the business and lifestyle I want. I’m living the future I always dreamed about and feel truly excited about what’s next!

~ Susan Tomlinson
United Kingdom

Look, if I can figure out men AND heal my money stories – so can YOU. It’s so much faster when you have a mentor who has been through your same struggles and come through the other side.


Much, much love,

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Kim Sarasin
The Queen of Hearts™