Fathers and Daughters – It’s Never Too Late

Last time, I encouraged you to make a list of all of your past relationships with men and note what issues or problems you had with each. Then, you wrote out all of the difficulties you’ve ever had with your father. Finally, you took those lists and compared the similarities.

If you are like the many women I work with, I’m certain you could see how negative influences from your father play a role in your relationships with men, both past and present.

It doesn’t mean there’s no hope for you to make better choices in who you decide to be in a relationship with, it just means there’s some old business that has to be cleaned up.

I’ve seen some of the most amazing healing between daughters and their fathers, no matter much hurt there’s been or how much time has passed. It’s never too late.

Today, I have another activity for you to go even deeper into the father/daughter healing. Like everything else in our lives that cause pain, we have to look within ourselves first and then the true healing can begin. You can do this by:

  1. Identifying what you believe about yourself: Do you believe you are loveable?
  2. What was your dad’s childhood like? Did he have negative influences that caused him to show up with you like he did?
  3. Allow yourself to feel those emotions and then safely release them into the universe. You don’t have to carry those burdens any longer. You are free.
  4. Forgive your dad. It’s worth every effort to find forgiveness in your heart. It’s the path to true healing.
  5. Understand that whatever happened between you and your dad is not happening anymore.

I designed this exercise so that you don’t even have to involve your father. I want you to do what you need to do for yourself first.

Now, when you’re ready, here’s how you can further heal your relationship directly with your father:

  1. Initiate some form of communication. Maybe it’s been a while since you’ve even spoken to your father. This will be much easier if you’ve completed the first portion of this exercise with your whole heart.
  2. Determine if you need his forgiveness. If there is something you would like to have forgiven, go ahead and ask. This will open the door wide for him to ask this of you.
  3. Ask your dad how he can support you during this time in your life. Your father may not know what you need and how he can help. Men like to help and you may be pleasantly surprised at how willing he is when he knows your needs.
  4. Cultivate a “no strings attached” atmosphere when you’re together. Look at the ‘here and now’. You’ve forgiven the past and now you’re free to enjoy today.

None of us had a perfect upbringing but it’s never too late to reach out and do all we can do to begin healing our relationships, especially with our father.

When you’re willing to start with your own healing and to ask forgiveness from others, your life will begin to feel easier, lighter, and happier.

Go ahead. You can do this. It’s worth it!

Not only will you get to experience a whole new relationship with your dad, you will completely change the way you allow men to act and interact with you now. This is what’s going to help you find the love of your life.

Now is the time for your relationship with your father to heal. I have helped women just like you to clean up the old business with their fathers so they can make better choices with men now. Want to be my next success story? (it’s easier than you think!) Check out my Queen of Hearts Service Menu and let’s set up a private call to explore what’s possible for you!

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