What Does Flirting, Confidence, and a Potato Sack All Have in Common?

Fact: Men are attracted to confident women.

But trying to show confidence by providing the guy with your long list of accomplishments isn’t going to keep him interested. More importantly, handing over your mile-high resume will destroy the much needed sense of mystery that men need as they decide whether to pursue you.

Hint: Genuine confidence doesn’t sound like this:

Guy: “I just ran a marathon last month!”
Girl: “Really, I’ve done 6 marathons and I’ve won every time!”

Buzz. Kill.

I’m about to share a big secret about showing off your beautiful, confident self… are you ready for it?


It’s true. Flirting, at its core, comes from confidence and demonstrates how you feel about yourself. It’s not about how many marathons you’ve won and it doesn’t even matter how you look or what you’re wearing. You could go out wearing a potato sack for a dress and if you are fun, confident, and fantastic at flirting, men will make a beeline for you.

Now let’s get one thing straight. Flirting is not coming off as a slut and it does not mean that you’re looking to sleep with a guy. You are in control at all times so releasing your fears and hangups about flirting is a must.

Women bring fun and excitement into a relationship, even on a first date. Most men exist somewhere between ‘ho’ and ‘hum’ but will come alive when a woman lands on the scene who brings an abundance of wants, desires, and things to explore geographically, spiritually, and sexually.

Adding a flirtatious vibe into all areas of your life keeps your spirits high, your mindset just right and if you want this new guy’s full attention, you’ll love these great tips for finding your inner-flirt!

  • Trust – To be able to flirt, you must trust men. If you don’t, you won’t feel safe and you won’t be confident. If you have lingering trust issues, get started on the inner work that you need to do to regain trust.
  • Keep the mystery alive! Don’t frontload all of your own wins and don’t “one up” his stories. Hint at your attributes and let him draw them out of you slowly over time. This keeps him intrigued and wanting to know more about you, leading him to invite you out again and again… and again.
  • Listen –  As the two of you talk, really listen. When it’s your turn, ask inquisitive questions about his experiences. Men don’t have nearly enough opportunities to share the good stuff about themselves. Women naturally share a lot every day. Men want to and he’ll find you a delight when you give him that kind of attention.
  • Watch Your Body Language93% of communication is done through body language so it doesn’t always matter what you’re saying if you’re not tuned in physically. Pay attention – if you’re fidgeting, stop. If you’re slumping, sit up. If you’re turned sideways, get face-to-face. Most of this is just nervousness and is easily overcome by breathing and coming back into the present moment. Oh, and don’t forget to smile!
  • Match His Body Language People who are naturally making a great connection, start to match up their body language so do it even if you have to consciously think about it. He may be a bit nervous too, and this match up might bring ease to both of you.

Go on, I dare you to wear a potato sack for a dress and show your confidence by flirting. You might just be surprised at who’ll come running for you!

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