What to Do When Your Goal Seems to Be Taking Forever

You created the vision of what you want, set your intentions, wrote out your positive affirmations with joy and waited with excitement for your vision to come true. Then hours, days and weeks go by – and nothing happens.

And the waiting part – can often be the most frustrating part.

Whether it’s a man, money or an abundance of new clients, it can be discouraging when your dreams seem to be taking forever. Slowly but surely, you start to lose Faith – and maybe even doubt the Universe has your back or is even listening.

Can you relate to this?

What might be comforting to know is that everyone has been there (myself included – many times over!). In fact, it took me years (and a LOT of inner work) to figure out how to manifest as quickly as I can now.

So if you feel like your dreams (and faith) have fallen out the window, here are my personal TOP 3 tips to get you back on track:

TIP # 1: Daily Gratitude

When you’re starting to lose Faith your dream will ever come true, the first thing you’ll notice is a feeling of constriction in your heart and/ or solar plexus (area just below your ribs). All those thoughts of fear, doubt and worry feel like a big lump, bringing your energy down – and energetically pushing away the very thing you want to call in.

So the key here is to get your vibration going back UP and realign you with your initial excitement. And the fastest way to do that is through Gratitude. Write a list of all the things you love and appreciate about your life now. Could be your pet, a sunny day, roof over your head etc..

Gratitude is the highest vibration – and the ultimate neutralizer. Practicing this daily immediately will UP your vibe and transform that lump of doubt into joy – often within minutes!

TIP # 2: Get Your Eyes Back on the Prize

When are goal feels like it’s taking to long, all our attention focuses on that. Which ends up activating scarcity because you’re focused on lack (what you don’t have). And the Universe, in it’s wonderful accommodating way –will bring you more of that.

So the thing to do here is to go back and remind yourself WHY you want this. What positive difference will it make in your life (or for others)? What impact will it have in your life? What inspired you to have this goal? This is the few times when going back – will actually move you forward!

TIP # 3: Acting As If

This one is my absolute favorite! (and go-to method) to raise my vibration. It’s all about acting “as if” you already have achieved/ attracted/ manifested what you want.

For example, let’s say your goal is to manifest your perfect love partner. If you were already in relationship with them – how would you be showing up in your life differently? What decisions would you make? How would you be feeling every day?

When you get clear on what you would be saying/ feeling/ doing differently, start showing up that way on a daily basis. If you would feel happier – then BE happy now. If you would wear sexy lingerie all the time – wear it NOW.

The thing that’s so powerful about “acting as if”, is how quickly it raises your vibration – and (in my personal experience) attracts goals faster because your whole being emanates it’s a “done deal”. When you show up like that, you’ll notice the perfect opportunities to move you forward quickly show up too.

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