Happy Valentine’s Day to… YOU!

You’ve been on my mind this week. I’m thinking about you and all the women in my community who are single and maybe not feeling so great about it.

If your typical way to spend February 14th is hiding under the covers until it blows over, I’ve got some great options for you that will help make this a joyful day of celebration.

To avoid feeling blue when it’s all about the red, shifting your mindset and planning ahead is what will take you from barely surviving to happily thriving on Love Day.

Here’s 8 great ideas from my heart to yours:

  1. Treat yourself to a spa day – either with a friend or just all to yourself.
  2. Have a spa day at home using all of those products you buy but never use (there is no better time!)
  3. Plan something fun with family or friends – game night, movie night, something outdoors, try roller skating!
  4. Do you have children in your life? They would love to get a Valentine’s card from you!
  5. Take a long, hot bubble bath and think about all of the good things and good people you have in your life.
  6. Prepare or order in a special gourmet meal.
  7. Recommitment ritual – a ceremony just for you to recommit to the things that make you feel good about yourself (exercise, hobbies, reading, passion projects — whatever it is that you enjoy but have let slip from your life).
  8. Practice meticulous self-care. This is not the day to be hard on yourself about anything. Show yourself some patience, kindness, and an extreme amount of love — you deserve it.

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