Let Kim Sarasin show your female audience how to activate their own Inner Queen!

Kim’s powerful presentations are well known for inspiring audiences with confidence, increasing their self-worth and elegantly anchoring every woman in the room to their own feminine grace. Kim firmly believes how you do ONE thing is how you do EVERYthing – and she masterfully connects the dots on how to get unstuck in romance, business and with money. When a woman removes what’s blocking her, her inner light immediately gets switched on allowing her to SHINE in every area of her life!

All Kim’s high-content presentations are filled with information and tools each audience member will be able to use out in the “real world” right away!

No matter what topic Kim shares as a decade long feminine power expert, plan on FAST results, including…

  • Your group will know how to walk into a room – and feel like that room is lucky to have her in it
  • Your group will know more than any other woman on the planet about men
  • Your group will be empowered and motivated to take action and improve their lives
  • Your group will be eternally grateful to you for bringing Kim in to speak!

What people are saying about Kim’s presentations…

The feedback from attendees was EXCELLENT!

Pamela Chatry

I knew Kim was the right person to speak at our event because she has such a powerful and positive message about women and their relationships with men.   She spoke to the group honestly and reminded us of the myths around men and called us on the mistakes that we all consciously or sub-consciously make.  The feedback from attendees was EXCELLENT! One thing that really stands out for me personally about the way Kim presents is her knowledge about her subject. She shared information and tips about men I’ve never heard before! As the host of the event, I appreciated Kim’s accommodating style, attention to detail and follow-up.  From an event perspective, she made my job as event organizer very easy. I can hardly wait to have her back again to speak to our community and I know any organization would benefit tremendously from hearing Kim’s message and information!

Pamela Chatry
Executive Managing Director
eWomen Network, Vancouver Chapter

That was a very juicy evening Kim!


That was a very juicy evening Kim! Thank you SO much for bringing your grace and wisdom to our Women of Worth event. The feedback from my guests was amazing and I keep hearing nothing but good things from everyone who attended. AND, I personally loved it! Thank you, thank you, thank you for all that you do and everything you are – can hardly wait to have you back – I celebrate you!

Christine Awram
Founder, Woman Of Worth (WOW) Events

Kim’s Presentations:

1) Taking the Mystery Out of Men (90min Presentation)

Whether your group is single and ready to attract their soulmate or attached and want to create deeper intimacy you don’t want to miss hearing Kim’s TOP secrets about how to understand, communicate and relate with men. Kim will cut through the information “clutter” and laser in on exactly what will move your group towards an extraordinary level of communication and connection with men in romance!

The main points covered in this 90 minute keynote will be:

  • The 3 biggest myths about men – let’s finally get these cleared up!
  • 5 KEY differences between men and women
  • One thing your group can do every day to raise their attraction factor.
  • A simple, no fail method of communicating with men that will help everyone in your audience EASILY be able to ask for what they want

2) The Soulmate Attraction Seminar (2 Day LIVE, in-person event)

This 2 day event is ideal for your organization if you’re seeking to create a deep bond and connection amongst your all female group. This is Kim’s signature program and is proud to have already helped over 2,600 women succeed in their love lives across the U.S. & Canada. Kim will guide your audience through her proprietary 7 step method that is the foundation every woman must know to guarantee success with dating and relationships.

By the end of the event, each audience member will literally have the MANual (ABC’s!) on how to make it work with ANY man.

A small sample of what your group will discover…

  • The 7 “must know” practical steps that will help them RULE their romantic universe – the MANual!
  • What men are REALLY attracted to – forget the makeup and hairspray! – Kim’s going to teach your group the SECRET methods of all those women who “magically” always get the guy (it’s been right in front of them the whole time)
  • Her signature 3-step method of communicating with men that will put an end to all “communication breakdown” now and in the future – permanently!
  • They’ll get crystal clarity about why all their past relationships did not work – and shift all those pesky negative patterns that got them stuck in the first place (yes, this can be done in 2 short days!)

This is a life-changing, interactive workshop where your group will be able to role play, do exercises and walk away with a whole toolbox of tips and information they can use in their own love life (and beyond!) right away.

I can’t wait to share all my “goodies” and proven methods for successfully attracting and living in love with a king – so great!

To hire Kim to present this program to your group, organization or for a retreat, contact kimspeaking@attractyourking.com