It May Suck To Be Single… But Here’s How To Make It Suck a Lot Less

Yep, sometimes it just plain sucks to be single. You look around and see women with their boyfriends or husbands and think “She has a man, why don’t I?” Then begins the dreaded questions and comparisons… She’s no prettier than I am, is she? Did she meet him online?

Even women who have found a way to enjoy single life will go to a party with the secret motivation of meeting a nice, single man. Now, there’s nothing wrong with this… at least you got out to socialize. The question is how much do you let not meeting a great guy at that party drag you down afterward?

Trust me, there’s a lot more to life than just purely existing while waiting for the right man to come along and make you whole and complete. You already have everything it takes to be whole and complete… and happy.

The trick is putting it into practice.

Being a genuinely happy single person is about building an incredible life that includes lots of love and relationships with good people — people who you enjoy being with and who want you to be happy. No, these aren’t intimate romantic relationships.

And no, these relationships don’t “replace” that romance of a lifetime you so badly want — they are good all on their own. Your life is happening right now, with or without a man. Are you living your life to the fullest and richest it can be?

Here are some great ways to support you with loving life while you’re single (and keep up when you do find romance!).

  1. Do you have friends and family that you love to just hang out with? If not, start to cultivate these relationships. Do more. See more people. Get out more. Not with the secret motivation of meeting your future spouse, but with the pure-hearted intention of creating fun and healthy relationships.
  2. Are there kids in your life? Nothing screams “innocent love” like having kids to spend time with. Whether you have younger kids or you borrow some, they will love nothing more than to just play. Take them to a park, enjoy the sun, be amazed at ducks and merry-go-round rides. Children have a way of making the world seem like such a better place.
  3. Do you have hobbies or activities that stimulate your mind and heart? Just about everything has a group of like-minded people who would love nothing more than to meet you and do that thing you all love.
    • Do you read a lot? Why not join a book club?
    • Like to hike? Lots of meetup groups get together for all kinds of hikes.
    • Sew or quilt? Hot trend right now – you wouldn’t believe the classes and activities available for all skill levels.
    • Enjoy sporting events but don’t like to go alone? Imagine how much fun it would be to take a couple of older kids with you.

What I want you to get here is: don’t put your life (or happiness) on hold until you meet a man.

Sure, you could meet a man at one of these events (maybe not sewing or quilting but you never know!) but, more importantly, it’s about having fun and stimulating your creativity and JOY.

You’ll be a happier person for it, and have interesting things to share when your ideal man comes along eventually.

Sister, don’t let life pass you by while you wait for that special someone to come along. You are that special someone and you deserve a big, beautiful life right now.

And yes, true romance is possible, too. Start focusing on you loving life and keep coming back so we can continue to work on your love life, ok?

Does being single suck for you? I have helped hundreds of women (just like you) create rich, full lives and clear the pathway for true romance. I would love to do the same for you. Let’s hop on a call together so I can help you be a happy single person and prepare you to meet the man you are meant to be with: Reserve your spot HERE

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