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Ultimate Guide to Online Dating eKit


This digital product is perfect for you if you want to create an online profile that attracts HIGH quality men and, lots of tips about what men find truly attractive.

Price: $149


Dating Mojo Makeover Audio Series

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The Dating Mojo Makeover Audio Series

I’ve Got the SOLUTION to Turn Your Love Life Around – Right Away!


This HIGH content audio series is the perfect solution to help you confidently navigate the dating scene and find out the SECRETS to attract your dream man. I’ve collected hundreds of questions I’ve received over the past 13 years and put together all the information and tips you need guaranteed to ignite attraction in every man you meet and get them calling you back – often!
You’re a catch, and I’m going to show you how to illuminate all your great qualities so you SHINE and easily attract men wherever you go. It’s all about making men FEEL amazing when they’re with you – and leave him wanting more.

Price: $197.00

Dating Mojo Makeover Audio Series

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 Fall In Love With Money

The Truth About Money Blocks…It’s Not About the Money…


When it comes to you and the subject of money, you could be in any or ALL of these places:

  • You feel successful in every area of your life, but continually give your power away to money.
  • Money has always been a struggle for you and you can’t seem to shift it no matter how many books you read, how much you meditate or wish it away.
  • Feel your always sabotaging yourself with money – and you can’t seem to stop yourself – like your setting yourself up to fail over and over again
  • No matter what you do, you only ever make “just enough” to get by, pay the bills – and find it impossible to save.

Price: $400.00


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47 Secrets to WOW the Next Guy You Date

Be Successful in Every Stage of Dating with These Expert Tips

47 Secrets to WOW

The “47 Secrets to WOW the Next Guy You Date” audio series is the answer to your dating questions and beyond! This high content full CD set and 60 page transcript packed with TONS of hot tips and SECRETS that – up until now – only top paying clients have been able to access. Kim Sarrasin ~ The Queen of Hearts shares her 15 years experience as a TOP expert about how to have success with men right from the first date.
You’ll discover how to master all of this, plus you’ll learn 42 additional soulmate success secrets.

Price: $297


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