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“I Met and Married My Dream Man Within 3 Months of Kim’s Coaching”

I coached with Kim privately a couple years ago. However, I first learned of Kim through her Feminine Power Workshop I attended that others had recommended. This then lead into having her privately work with me as a relationship coach. I had a very positive experience with her! She is lovely to work with and very knowledgeable with understanding how men and women interact and what really makes each other happy. She gets to the root of issues or problems quite quickly and I really enjoyed her matter of fact way of delivering her advice. I always felt very uplifted after coaching or attending her workshops…long after they were over! Working with her privately made me feel well looked after and she was always so positive in her outlook towards me.

Everyone has a different situation going on in their lives and may need help in different ways. I had lost my husband 5 years before working with her, and I really wanted to meet another very special person to share my life with. I had started to try an “on-line” dating service, but Kim often said to me that she knew I would meet someone in a different way. And, then within 3 months of working together, I met the man of my dreams while on a camping trip when I least expected it. Now 2 1/2 years later, I am married to him and couldn’t be happier!! Kim is truly a gem and I am thankful that I took the time to coach with her.

~ Krista Hansen