“Ready to Attract Your Soulmate  And Get Your Hands on HOT Tips,  Information and, the MANual That  Will Show You How to EASILY Make it Work With ANY Man?”

If You Are, Then Let’s Get Cracking! 

My name is Kim Sarrasin – The Queen of Hearts™ for years I’ve been helping thousands of women across the globe end their suffering with men. And, in this time, I have heard hundreds of stories of women who are struggling in their love life. Maybe you can relate to some of these common issues:

  • Keep meeting the wrong men and believe there isn’t a man out there for you
  • Think all the good men are taken and you may never find someone to love you the way you want to be loved
  • Believe men are intimidated by your success and you’ll never find a man who can handle all your achievements
  • Your noticing you’ve become more critical of your body, looks and starting to doubt if you’re still attractive to men

If any of these points struck a nerve, I understand.

Dating and relationships can be our biggest joy – or biggest pain. It’s the area of our lives where we are the most vulnerable and often least successful. You might even wonder sometimes if it’s worth it to spend any more time and energy trying to figure out the mystery of men.

Well, before you throw in the towel on love, I want to share some important facts most women don’t know:

fact1-150% of the world’s single population are men who are looking to meet their soulmate – plenty of fish in a vast ocean of potential mates.

fact2-2Men are HUNGRY to fall in love and 98% of men admit their life vastly improves when they are in a relationship with the right woman.

fact3-3Men are most attracted to women who are already successful and passionate in their life. That’s right, your attraction factor goes way up when men see you’re already happy and focused.

fact4-4Men are visual, but how a woman looks is not the most important thing that determines his attraction to you (there’s actually 5 other reasons ahead of that!)

Pretty interesting stuff, right?

And, I hope seeing these facts in black and white are both encouraging and helping you shift what you might currently believe are the reasons you’re single and struggling in your love life. Trust me, all of the above facts are the absolute TRUTH.

But, maybe your heart has been stomped on, you’ve been hurt or you’ve been single for a looooooong time so you’re view of men and relationships has become a bit skewed and your vision of soulmate success is blurry – out of focus and out of reach.

Well, one fact I KNOW we can agree on: Despite past disappointment in relationships, your desire to BE with your dream man is still there. That yearning has never left your heart – am I right?

And, what if I told you the only thing standing in
the way of your soulmate success is having the RIGHT information?
That’s why I’m SO excited to invite you to my upcoming…


The Soulmate Attraction Seminar™ is a live, in person, 2 day event perfect for you if you’re looking for the last few pieces to the “man puzzle” that have been missing. I will be literally handing you the MANual (the A-Z!) on how to make it work with ANY man. All weekend long you will be receiving practical tools, tips and relationship wisdom that most women on the planet have no access to – and now YOU will.

Think of this as an intensive “crash course” about men and relationships where you will discover exactly how to be the most attractive woman – in a room and relationship! I’ll be combining both practical information you can use in your life right away AND the deep, inner healing necessary to shift the hidden blocks that have been getting in the way of your soulmate success for a lifetime.

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, in 2 short days, I will quickly move you through whatever you’ve been unable to shift on your own and get you on the fast path to meeting and living in love with the man you’re meant to be with.

In this intimate, **women only** safe and supportive environment you’ll enjoy bonding with other women while I reveal the 7 KEY steps that have already helped over 2,600 women achieve success in their love life.Check out what happened for Karen:

“The Soulmate Attraction Seminar
Is the BEST $$ I’ve Ever Spent!”

karen“I can honestly say your seminar was filled with information that I have been searching for my entire life. My greatest joy and greatest pain has been with my love relationships and your information gave me huge insights and excellent tools that are SO SIMPLE. I went home last night and tested out your information with my guy – absolute and instant success! I have to say, the Soulmate Attraction Seminar was, hands down, about the best dough I’ve ever spent on myself. I laughed my head off (at myself and self-defeating ways) and came away with a toolbox of extremely easy to remember, and easy to apply methods that I can use to get me what I want from my man, or future man. (boyfriend, husband, or otherwise…) Instantly, my guy was treating me like a Queen, and I know how to make him feel like a King. It was so great how Kim explained we ARE the CEO’s of our relationships – and now I have the executive love skills to match!. You’re either driving it into the ditch, or driving it towards Heaven. Kim gives you the skills to drive it up, up, and up, leaving you scratching your head how you ever got this far without this information. And making sense of the past failures! No one teaches like you Kim does. You’re in, and you’re out, and ready to go. Scrap the next 10 years of expensive psychotherapy and just take Kim’s course!“ ~ Karen Jamison

Pretty amazing, right?

And, the great thing is, men are SO much simpler than you think. In fact, the answers to your questions about men have been right under your nose the whole time, you’ve just been missing them. I’m going to peel off the layers and unravel the mystery of men and relationships right before your eyes!

By the End of This Seminar You Will Have Perfect 20/20 Soulmate Vision!

That’s right, in 2 short days – we’re going to take off the blinders. If you’re anything like me, you don’t want to spend YEARS in therapy trying to figure out how to attract a great man, right?You want what you want – when you want it! – meaning right now. Well, that’s exactly what will happen. Plan on instantly accelerating your learning curve about men by many years – my info is so easy to understand, you’ll be able to implement everything you learn in your love life right away. Check out the INSTANT results for some past students:


“Your material is life-affirming and life-changing”

sandy“I am writing to tell you how much I enjoyed your 2-day Soulmate Attraction Seminar. I have always been an appreciative person, but I had never noticed how much men want to please us, nor how they “produce” all the time. Since your course, I have been putting into practice all of the concepts we learned and I am amazed at how much is now being done for me!! I am also more aware of my own needs and of the nonverbal communication that takes place between men and women. Thank you for the years of research that have led you to understand – at a PROFOUND level – what men and women truly want. Your material is life-affirming and life-changing!”~ Sandy K.

“Thanks to Your Coaching, I Met an Amazing Man!”

JennyKim, You are one amazing lady, and truly an inspiration! You have changed my life like I never thought possible! When I was heading home from your seminar I could not get the smile off my face! I was practicing your magic throughout the airport! Men were holding doors open, placing my luggage up in overhead for me, smiling as they entered the plane as I was given the front row isle seat!!! On the plane home, I met a terrific guy and it was so fun to practice all the information you taught me right away – the experience with him felt good that I could be attractive to such a great looking and charming man! Thank you so much for all the information and bang on tips during the workshop – there were so many “gems” of wisdom I remember and keep popping in just when I need them. ~ Jenny Benville

“I Came Home Feeling So Lucky and
 Honored That I have An Incredible Man”

sarahWow, what an incredible seminar…the words are still sinking in this weekend with my fiancé. I came home feeling so lucky & honored that I have this incredible man in my life who wants to serve me – who knew I just have to ask for what I want (in a loving, adorable way of course). You made it so simple & easy to understand. He took my sister & I out to a delicious dinner the night of the Soulmate Attraction Seminar & he was SO proud to serve & honor us as women (I never noticed how much he does this until after the seminar!). Thank you for giving me all this information and teaching me these simple, yet extremely important tips on keeping a healthy relationship and honoring ourselves and the men in our lives. I can’t wait to test out your tips on my male friends and colleagues! ~ Sarah Marie Baltz,

Now you might be thinking “OK, Kim, they got results, but how do I know I will?”. Well, just like in life, there are never any guarantees. BUT, what I can absolutely promise you, is you will be MUCH further ahead in your love life then you are now.

Every woman who attends The Soulmate Attraction Seminar™ receives fantastic results and improve (often dramatically!) the direction of their soulmate destiny. I have received hundreds of testimonials from students writing in to share their success.

And all they did was show up – that’s it! Now, you might be wondering…

Why You Should Be Learning About Love From Me…

That’s a valid question to have – you need to trust that I can help you where all others may have failed you. So, let me share why it’s a smart decision to learn about men from me:

2011 Grads with Kim SarrasinMy students are successful because I PRACTICE what I teach. I’ve dedicated 12 years to researching what creates deep attraction inside a man. You will only receive from me what has already proven to work in my life and for the hundreds of private clients I serve – including the 2,600 women who have successfully graduated from the Soulmate Attraction Seminar™.

Kim and Steve DarlinThe media reaches out to those who can speak with authority on their subject and provide proof it works. As North America’s most sought after Soulmate Success Expert and through students sharing their success, the “buzz” around my Soulmate Attraction Seminar™ resulted in features on (to name a few) CBC TV, Global TV, The Globe & Mail, Shape Magazine, national radio and twice nominated for the prestigious RBC Women Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

And, results don’t lie – I know how to get the job done. I have achieved a mastery level of understanding about dating and relationships, giving me the ability to laser in and get to the bottom of why you’re stuck in love – really fast.

So many women tell me “Kim, I wish I had met you sooner”. I’ve helped countless women meet and fall in love with the man they’re meant to be with.

Here are just a few more testimonials…

“I have greater confidence, a strong sense
 of my self-worth and attracted my dream man!”

Susan Tomlinson

Before coaching with Kim I was spending more and more time on my business and increasingly neglecting my personal relationships. Work was taking over and becoming a struggle; leaving me with little energy and enthusiasm for anything else. Since working with Kim I have made big leaps and changes in all areas of my life. In a space of a few coaching sessions I learned more than I could have imagined about myself, my business and my relationships. I wish I had signed up for Kim’s coaching years ago! I have greater confidence, a strong sense of my self-worth and attracted my dream man! On top of that, I’m manifesting all the right people and opportunities to help me create the business and lifestyle I want. I’m living the future I always dreamed about and feel truly excited about what’s next! ~ Susan Tomlinson, United Kingdom


“I Met and Married My Dream Man
 Within 3 Months of Kim’s Coaching”

Krista HansenHere You always said my man would arrive when I least expect it…and he certainly did! Bill is the most beautiful match for me and I cannot even begin to describe in words the gratitude that I feel towards you in helping me manifest my greatest desire in life – the man of my dreams! To find your soul mate in life is a rare and special occurrence and it has been a blessing to take your workshop. I have been overwhelmed with feelings of love, gratitude and joy these past several weeks. I truly want to thank you from my heart for all your personal efforts in helping my dream come true. Kim you are a gem and you possess a rare gift in your profession! With love… ~ Krista Hansen, Vancouver, Canada

“Just wanted to let you know that I have someone
 special in my life now who takes my breath away.”


In only 6 weeks of knowing each other he proposed! I’m very grateful for the workshop information – so much is working as a result of applying everything you taught me. The key for me was what I learned about Understanding Men 101. Oh my! How little I knew about them! Even though I have gone through the loss of my husband only a short time ago, I know my new found happiness would not have been possible without your information. I’m so glad I now understand how much men do want to make the women in their life happy, and when we are happy, they are happy! I love all the extra attention and support you gave me during the 2 days. Believe me, I will be the first one to buy your book when it comes out! Thanks again Kim…just wanted to let you know that you have been such a positive, uplifting gift…and that without your guidance, I know I would not be as happy as I am now. ~ Janet Maxwell, Canada

So, What Exactly Are the 7 Steps Covered In-Depth
During the Soulmate Attraction Seminar™?

1. Get Inside a Man’s Mind

If having a man is your plan, then understanding who it is you’re dealing with is crucial. This will be your comprehensive “crash course” outlining exactly what men REALLY think, feel and want from you. Experience years of frustration and disappointment melting away as we begin to unravel the mystery of men and put together the missing pieces of the man puzzle. You will come through the other side completely understanding his world and how to successfully relate with a man.

2. Activate Your Inner Goddess

Lots of giggles always happen in this part of the seminar as I take my magic wand and gently awaken your sleepy inner goddess. I’ll be coaxing out all the hidden gems you may have forgotten about – you have unique gifts that men adore and it’s important for you to fully understand how much you bring to the table just by virtue of being a woman. Once revealed all the things that make you special and attractive to a man – you start to SHINE. This clarity helps you accept and be PROUD to be a woman. Instantly your light gets switched on – making you a magnet for men and the entire world to see.

3. Shift From Producing to Receiving

Most women don’t ask men for what they want because they feel they can do it faster or better themselves. This may be true, BUT this mindset is also preventing you from experiencing romance and creating a barrier between you and men– pushing away the very thing you want. We’ll be spending a lot of time on this section as I help you release limiting beliefs and reveal further hidden reasons why you’re not asking for what you want. This section will be a HUGE turning point for you in your seminar and flips the switch on your ability to receive – with men and in every area of your life

4. Your 3 BIG Needs Every Man Must Know

Once you know how to ask for what you want, you then need to know WHAT you want. Years of producing everything yourself has likely made you a little “rusty” when it comes to knowing what you want. I’m going to help you gently transition from being independent all the time to getting more in tune with all that you desire – but have not been asking for. Once you find out the 3 categories every woman requires to feel fulfilled and the order you need a man to provide them for you it makes this SO simple.

5. Melt Your Walls and Let Love In

You may have worked through much of your disappointment from past relationships, but most women will always have a certain amount of anger lingering inside. AND it’s not going away. We’re going to take an in depth look at this hidden gremlin, how men feel about it, why you’re covering it up and help you begin to make friends with it. It’s really OK and perfectly natural to feel angry sometimes. I’ll show you how to be more compassionate with this aspect of being a woman.

6. Stop Sabotaging and START Enchanting

Most women don’t realize the impact their words can have on men. In fact, there are 3 ways you’re unconsciously offending and turning men off. These casual remarks and comments (and the way you’re saying them) are leaving men feeling less good about themselves when they’re around you. The great thing is, once this way of communicating is pointed out to you, you will NEVER repeat it. It’s just one of those things that’s been right under your nose and you’ve been missing it!

7. How to Train Any Man

I know it would be SO much easier if men showed up on your doorstep already programmed and tuned in to your needs – but they just don’t have that super power ability. There are many reasons for this (which I’ll be explaining) but, the bottom line is – men need a lot more direction than you may realize! You’ll walk away with a super easy, 3 step method of communicating with men that will leave them inspired to do whatever your heart desires. This works whether you’re on a first date, in a 20 year marriage or with male co-workers at the office.

Every woman who attends this workshop tells me,

“Kim, now I know WHY my relationships went the way they did!”

WOW, I’m ready to register now… Sign me up!


And it doesn’t stop there. Along with the JUICY information I’ll be delivering and all your questions about men getting answered – I’ve thrown in some awesome BONUSES to enhance your 2 day experience:


WomanOnPhone-kim150x150 bonus11Private, Closed Door Follow up Call ($250 value) A few days after your workshop, you’re invited to have special, private call where you’ll receive personal coaching from Kim Sarrasin and have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have. This is a HUGE value and perfect way to complete your experience


CLASS NOTESbonus2125 Pages of Class Notes ($97 value) Don’t worry about missing anything important – I’ve put together complete “done for you” notes that will include all the important distinctions you will need to remember and refer back to as you need


9051453_mbonus31SECRET Surprise on Saturday ($300 value) We’re SO excited about this secret we’re tempted to share BUT, we don’t want to spoil the surprise! I’ll give you a little HINT: You’re going to know exactly how to bring the sexy back.


Shopping BagsJUICY bonus41Goodie Bag ($50 value) You’ll be receiving some extra special treats to keep you comfortable and feeling feminine well beyond your workshop. Can hardly WAIT to hand you you’re gifts!


Wondering if you’re a good fit for this seminar?


The Soulmate Attraction Seminar™ is perfect for you if you’ve tried everything else to improve your love life – and nothing is working. This seminar is specifically designed to be an intense “Crash Course” on men and relationships that will accelerate you forward along your soulmate path and release everything that is currently in the way of you being with your ideal man. All day you’ll be bonding with a room full of women who, like you, want to get on the fast track to romance while I lay out the crystal clear steps to get you there.

Concerned about sharing yourself in front of others?

Lots of women ask me that question all the time. And, there’s no need to worry – I create a VERY safe environment for all the women attending. In fact, many women come back more than once because they felt so safe and received so much value.

Check out what Candace had to say:

candace“The first seminar helped me create a huge internal shift”

This was such a transformational experience for me! I was able to see, in a safe and supportive space, where I could improve my current relationship and ask for what I want. I was surprised by the consciousness and quality of the women present – then realized they were all a reflection of how much I had evolved since the first time I attended this seminar – so cool! The first seminar helped me create a huge internal shift about loving, approving and valuing men – and this second time helped me go even deeper with my own feminine power. I ABSOLUTELY recommend The Soulmate Attraction Seminar to every woman! ~ Candace Kendrick

I highly recommend shifting the focus about your fear of attending and looking at all the results you’ll be receiving instead, like; learning how to communicate and relate with men from a place of power and strength, feel confident around men, and, most importantly, the nuances of attraction (how to attract and BE attractive). You will be receiving relationship wisdom that you will have with you for your lifetime.

Whether your goal is to build your confidence, raise your self esteem or release a pattern that’s no longer serving you, my proven successful 7 step process will quickly get you past wherever you’re blocked right now and get you on the right path to loving relationships.

PLUS, receive a ton of practical tips, coaching and easy-to-implement tools you can start implementing the minute you finish your weekend.

Ok Kim, This Sounds Great.
What’s My Investment to Attend?

I firmly believe in over delivering and always come from a place of high service. So, for the FULL 2 days, receiving the MANual on how to make it work with any man PLUS all the bonuses the entire weekend is valued at over $3,797. BUT, I don’t want anything to be in the way of you attracting the love you deserve so you’re investment TODAY only $497!


Sept 14th to Oct 14th: $497

Oct 15th to Nov 9th: $697

Now, if you think this is too much to invest in your love life, then let’s take a look at what the real cost of NOT attending this life-changing weekend will be for you:

  • Continue to choose the wrong men and compromise yourself in every relationship
  • Spinning your wheels everyday with issues you know you need to deal with and never doing anything about it
  • Never, ever trusting men again – keeping your heart shutdown and closed off to the possibility of a life time partnership
  • Hanging on to resentment, anger and fear – pushing away every good man who would love to capture your heart
  • Regretting you let time pass you by and you missed the boat on having a soulmate in this lifetime
  • If you knew you could finally be free of even just ONE of these challenges, how can you afford NOT to attend?

Or, maybe you feel like it’s not the right time to do this. If that’s the case, then let me ask you an important question:

When would it be the RIGHT time to fulfill on your dream of experiencing full blown romance and have a relationship with the man you’re meant to be with? 6 months? 12 months? 10 years? You want to seriously ask you why you’re choosing to wait until some future date to have what you already know you want right NOW.

The boat’s waiting at the dock and I’ve loaded it up with all the essential tools, wisdom and information you need to smoothly sail along the sea of love – the only passenger missing is YOU.

Let’s review everything you will be receiving during your life-changing weekend:

  • Two FULL days packed with tips, exercises and tools as I reveal my 7 practical steps to make it work with ANY man
  • Private, closed door group call post event with Soulmate Success Expert, Kim Sarrasin
  • Done-for-you class material of everything covered – no notes to take!
  • Goody bag stuffed with lots of special treats to make your 2 day experience comfortable
  • Luxurious hotel setting conveniently located right downtown (including special rates for out of town guests)

PLUS! Bonding and creating new, friendships with fun women (just like you!) who all want to attract their soulmate.



“Every Time I Talk About Kim’s seminar
 My Feminine Energy Radiates!”

Before attending the Soulmate Attraction Seminar™ my understanding , confidence and how to approach men was seriously lacking. After the workshop, my understanding & confidence level are now 100% better! The biggest result I got was seeing the impact of the tips Kim shared during our weekend with all the men around me – especially my confidence and attitude. For the first time, I can now see a positive, dating future for myself and that feels absolutely joyful! Kim has such a positive outlook and energy with men and – thanks to her – I am appreciating the men around me SO much more. I believe so much in this seminar that when I talk about my experience to my friends & other women, my feminine energy just RADIATES and that in turn gets the women I’m talking to excited to learn more about what I have learned from Kim. I was also so pleased to have the opportunity to meet a roomful of fabulous, sharing, caring women and discover how to make life better for myself & those I love. I look forward to having a reunion! Kim’s workshop gave me insight into how men operate and what they are looking for in a woman – priceless information I’ll have forever! ~ Trina A.


“I’m Happy to Say I Attracted an AMAZING Man!”

After attending the Soulmate Attraction Seminar™ two years ago, I immersed myself in your information. Reading every newsletter you sent out, workshop handouts and all teleclasses you put on – practicing your tips religiously. I finally realized I was with the wrong guy and we broke up in 2009 – it was heartbreaking and scary – but I knew I must honor myself (just like you said). I’m happy to say I have attracted an amazing man! Strong, purposeful, emotionally mature, fun, loving and gorgeous! We have been together for a year and it just gets better and better. I use all the tips I learned from the seminar every day – with my man AND with all men wherever I go! I attribute 100% of my success with my new man to everything I learned in the seminar – especially your 3 step method for communicating with men. In fact, just the other day he told me “I LOVE doing things for you! You are always so appreciative!” – woo hoo! The seminar allowed me to embrace my feminine energy again! I had been embracing my masculine energy in the world; it wasn’t serving me, not in the least! I feel like I have fallen into my natural balance again. Thank you Kim for your work! Thanks and warmest wishes! ~ Courtenay, Vancouver Canada

Ready to Be My Next Success Story?


Sept 14th to Oct 14th: $497

Oct 15th to Nov 9th: $697

Can hardly WAIT to see you in November! Until then, sending you love…



Kim Sarrasin
The Queen of Hearts™
Soulmate Success Expert
P.S. You don’t have to keep spinning your wheels trying to figure out how to have a fulfilling relationship with a man. I’m going to lay it all out for you step by step.

P.P.S. Feeling like this program is a match but just have a few more questions? I have a solution for you. Simply register for the Soulmate Attraction Seminar so you secure your spot and then schedule a FREE Soulmate Success Call (value $355) to help you get clear, very quickly if this is the program for you. Just email us and a Queen of Hearts™ staff member will be in touch right away to set up a time that works for you