“I am so grateful to have my confidence with men back and feel like I am the PRIZE – I highly recommend every woman to work with Kim if they want that too!”

Working with Kim has been amazing. She has an incredible gift for getting to the root of issues going on in my relationship or with myself that no one has ever gotten to before. Every time she is spot on and provides clear steps on how to handle each situation – it always works out like she said it would. Even after years of traditional counseling, Kim pinpointed blind spots about myself that no one had ever revealed before.

Kim had incredible insight to what the guy I was dating was thinking and predicted what his reaction to would be – every single time! She has such incredible insight. I’ve never experienced anything like this before. Kim truly has a Gift!

I didn’t know how to approach problems or issues with the men I was dating and have things work out so well after addressing issues the way Kim suggested. I used to ask for what I wanted from a man, but I would rarely get it. Kim shared so many secrets and tools about how to communicate with men – now I consistently and easily inspire ALL the men around me to give me everything I want.

I am so grateful to have my confidence with men back and feel like I am the PRIZE – I highly recommend every woman to work with Kim if they want that too!

~ L.B.



“Kim has been instrumental with helping me make numerous, positive improvements and shifts…”

Testimonial-NicolaPMy experience of Business Coaching with Kim has been so supportive. I have totally reorganized the way I work while coaching with her. She has pushed me and pushed me and pushed me in a 100% positive way. She challenges and suggests and encourages in a thoroughly supportive and always kind way. And at the same time, doesn’t put up with any rubbish or excuses. Kim is the perfect mentor for me because I can be quite stubborn and resistant and through this I have changed many of my business practices. She’s great! I was quite surprised by how resistant I was to change… and also how perceptive Kim was to that resistance and she didn’t miss a thing! Before coaching with Kim, my business was chaotic and, although I was doing well and had a lot of clients, most weren’t ideal clients. I had a issues with clients not paying on time and was trying to do it all myself. All of which led to a rather unfulfilling and disorganized work life where I was working long hours, very stressed, not taking care of myself and not particularly enjoying it.

Kim has been instrumental with helping me make numerous, positive improvements and shifts in my business. Rather then do everything on my own, I’ve hired an (amazing!) assistant, I work less and delegate MUCH more, have much clearer boundaries with clients and am more realistic about project completion times and better at saying no to clients > no more calling me on weekends or in the evening resulting in a much better relationship with them! My business is much more structured and organized, creating plenty of space for me to be creative.

Kim helped me create a beautiful life/ work balance that includes lots of self-care putting myself first before anything or anyone else. I absolutely recommend Kim as a business coach. She’s brilliant with stretching you out of your comfort zone just enough to make BIG leaps in your business!

~ Nicola P, Interior Designer

“Kim Helped Me Get Past the Biggest Blocks in My Love Life!”

Before signing up for Kim’s Mastery of Love group program and working with her privately, my vision and expectations for myself in terms of a joyful, fulfilling relationship with a man were limited. I felt like I needed to fix something about myself before I would be happy in a relationship or even about myself. I’ve worked hard in my career and am proud of my achievements but I felt like I couldn’t make that same confidence and success translate into my personal life.

After working with Kim, I feel proud of myself as a woman and am more confident and happy. I’ve noticed that my interactions with men socially or at work are easier and more fun. I’ve even noticed that men are around me more than ever before. After the very first call, I could better envision myself in a relationship and began to release negative internal thoughts that had been weighing me down. I feel ‘lighter’ than I can ever remember and for the first time in my life I feel more open, positive and excited about a serious relationship with a man. I am so proud of my work with Kim and how it has helped bring more joy, confidence and security to my approach to everything in life. She helped me get past the biggest blocks in my love life and now I feel like a truly desirable woman in a relationship. I am thankful that my path in life led me to find Kim and I can’t wait for what comes next!

~ Megan

“I’m Amazed How Quickly My New Man Arrived After Working with Kim”

Kim, it still amazes me how fast my new man arrived so soon after working with you! Our sessions have helped me keep sane and on track in ways that I just could not have done on my own. Your straightforward approach and ENDLESS knowledge about men is so helpful – I keep catching myself every time about to fall into ‘bad patterns’ that turn men off. I know the tools and support you’re giving me will continue to impact me for the rest of my life. Listening to you keeps reminding me how much FUN it is to relate with men – thanks for your contagious enthusiasm!

~ Elsa Troesh, Vancouver, B.C.

“I Met and Married My Dream Man Within 3 Months of Kim’s Coaching”

I coached with Kim privately a couple years ago. However, I first learned of Kim through her Soulmate Attraction Seminar I attended that others had recommended. This then lead into having her privately work with me as a relationship coach. I had a very positive experience with her! She is lovely to work with and very knowledgeable with understanding how men and women interact and what really makes each other happy. She gets to the root of issues or problems quite quickly and I really enjoyed her matter of fact way of delivering her advice. I always felt very uplifted after coaching or attending her seminars…long after they were over! Working with her privately made me feel well looked after and she was always so positive in her outlook towards me.

Everyone has a different situation going on in their lives and may need help in different ways. I had lost my husband 5 years before working with her, and I really wanted to meet another very special person to share my life with. I had started to try an “on-line” dating service, but Kim often said to me that she knew I would meet someone in a different way. And, then within 3 months of working together, I met the man of my dreams while on a camping trip when I least expected it. Now 2 1/2 years later, I am married to him and couldn’t be happier!! Kim is truly a gem and I am thankful that I took the time to coach with her.

~ Krista Hansen

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“Your Soulmate Attraction Seminar is Better Then Botox!”

Just wanted to thank you again for what you did for us this past weekend. I woke up this morning and had NO wrinkles on my face. Your Soulmate Attraction Seminar is better than botox, I’m sure!! You are a healer! With much love,

~ Cathy B.

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“After Kim’s Coaching, My Entire Outlook On Relationships Has Changed”

Before privately coaching with Kim in her Princess Program my sense of myself as a potential relationship partner was completely lacking. I just didn’t see myself in a relationship or even that a relationship was something that was reasonable for me to contemplate. It had been 20 years since I had even been on date! I had “married” my employers/companies and spent all my time working. So the idea of having a relationship was something completely foreign to me. But spirit stepped in and sent a clear signal that I needed to talk to Kim – which led to our coaching relationship – and ultimately to a truly amazing experience!

After coaching with Kim, my entire outlook on relationships has changed! I not only see myself as a person both worthy and worthwhile of having a personal and loving relationship in my life, I also see how all my relationships – family, friends and business – have vastly improved from my work with Kim. I learned so much and felt gently and lovingly held and supported throughout the entire process.

Kim really saw me and my challenges and used her deep wisdom to help guide me to a more profoundly loving place in my life. All this within 3 months! I do not know what the future may hold, but I can be certain that I will approach it from a softer, calmer, and more receptive place than before I started working with her. If you are seeking to deepen existing relationships and/or find more loving and supportive relationships to deepen, Kim is the BEST woman to help you! Her work is truly a gift of love.

~Kathy Scheiern – Owner, PurposeWorks

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“I Had So Many Insights About Me, Men and Relationships”

WOW, I can’t believe what happened right after my Soulmate Success Session with Kim! I did the “homework” she gave me. What happened next was astounding. When I woke up in the morning, I felt sad, however, not lonely or tearful. I rewrote my dreams and this time they were so unbelievably clear – like never before. Her assignment helped me feel much clearer as to what I was feeling and what I needed to let go of. Again I asked for guidance and you know what – I felt bubbly! I felt like a burden had been taken off my shoulder – I got these wonderful goose bumps. I can’t thank Kim enough for putting me on this road of further healing. I so am looking forward to the rest of my Life like never before.

Before the session, I wasn’t sure just how much I would open up. I can’t believe what came out after such gentle prodding from Kim. I had so many insights about me, men and relationships – so much I never would have thought of! Everything is making much more sense and I can’t wait to see what will happen in the future. What a total eye opener! I’m now open and ready for any and all things to come out and then let them go. Thank you, Kim, from the bottom of my heart and am so grateful for you coming into my life and showing me there is another way.

~ Grace

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“My Confidence With Men and Self-Image Are 100% Better!”

Before Kim’s Princess Program, my confidence in attracting a man whom I was interested in was gradually deteriorating. I would have that first coffee date, which seemed to go very well, and then expected he would give me a call to meet once again. Those calls never happened and I just didn’t know why.

After coaching with Kim, I now understand the “why” of SO many things and my confidence with men and self-image is now 100% better than before! I noticed powerful results after just three sessions – I even noticed changes in other’s attitudes towards me. For the first time, I can now envision following a path to finding true happiness for myself and that feels absolutely wonderful!

~ J. R.

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“Kim is a Woman of Wisdom and Integrity
– a Real Class Act”

“Kim is a woman of wisdom and integrity, a real class act. She has so much practical information that today’s woman needs to journey closer towards meeting the love of her life or designing a business you love. We are different women then the generation before us. Kim knows exactly how to help us communicate better and express ourselves more effectively so we stop wasting time – whether that’s in our business or sharing our lives with that special someone. If you want to have a successful business or meaningful relationship with a quality man, Kim can help you shorten the learning curve and get you on your way to happily ever after a lot faster than what you’re doing on your own. I’m happy to sing Kim’s praise!”

~ Aimee Lezburg, coregrowthanddevelopment.com

“Many ah hah moments at your Soulmate Attraction Seminar!”

Thank you Kim and all you lovely ladies for the wonderful experiences and many ah hah moments at your Soulmate Attraction Seminar!  After 20 years with the same person and a traumatic breakup, I’ve felt heavy with the burden of sorting out what went wrong and figuring out what it would take to have a healthy relationship.  The magical simplicity of what Kim shared has kick started my transformation. I think I might even be feeling a few butterflies about what the future …or maybe that’s just the loving pixy dust I’m certain Kim sprinkled on all of us.

~ Nataly

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“Kim Helped Me With So Many Blocks in Business”

“If you are up for an amazing weekend full of feminine power, looking to attract your king/soulmate, or learn how to get men/partner to do anything you want with ease! You gotta take Kim’s course! I totally recommend it to every woman whether you have a man or need a man! KIM has the MAN-U-AL!

I am so grateful that I got to experience her as a Mentor, Business Coach, Relationship Coach, and her wonderful Feminine Power Workshop, plus her Fall in Love with Money Workshop. I have a wonderful time with her and her advice helped me improve in so many areas! Kim’s straight to the point facts can be implement in everything – relationships, business, health or life in general. Those who saw me after the Feminine Power Weekend saw the difference… I was completely on a natural high, glowing with appreciation and aspiration!

Kim is very insightful and has a wonderful vibrant personality. Every time we speak it’s such an great time, she helped me through many blocks in my business and personal things. I am grateful to have her as my Mentor! She is wholeheartedly honest, so her facts are straight to the nitty gritty, which I absolutely love about her!

~ Wai
Web Developer & Graphic Designer

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“Kim Helped Me Remove All My Fears and I Feel SO Confident”

When I started Kim’s Princess Program my personal and business life were out of balance and I considered my feminine side as ‘weak’. I lived to work rather than working to live. She quickly helped me to recognize that I had developed a lot of masculine traits and showed me that being feminine was perfectly OK and just as powerful, if not more.

We then moved on to looking at my work attitudes and behaviors, giving me many insights that had me realize my pre-conceived ideas about my current business obligations were really born out of being more aligned with other’s needs and not my own. The simple tasks she assigned me to build my confidence were excellent and I never felt uncomfortable with the changes she was (so subtly!) leading me to make.

Kim had an extremely personable approach and talent for quickly seeing who I really was ‘inside’. Combined with both her knowledge of how to guide me to see past the clutter of my life, each session was entirely customized to get exactly the results I wanted and needed; even giving me other positive results I never anticipated.

After I completed coaching with her, my confidence is now 100% better than before I began working with her. Just a few of the many results I got after only a few sessions with her were:

  • Attracted a BIG client who runs a first class company
  • Confidently asked for what I wanted at another job – and got everything I asked for!
  • Increased the amount of hours I work from home – which I love
  • Feel 100% more in control of my destiny and ability to create a positive future

With Kim’s coaching, I noticed a big change in how much more enthusiastic I am overall. For the first time, I feel that I deserve and am capable of creating the personal and work-life balance I have wanted for many, many years. Kim helped me remove all my fears and I feel SO confident to take the necessary steps and go for my dreams. I feel absolutely restored right to the inner core of my heart!

~ Tracee R.

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“In Only a Few Sessions, I Started to See Incredible Results”

Before coaching with Kim my self-confidence was low and my outlook for the future was negative and uninspired. I was feeling anxiety and little hope in finding happiness and rebuilding my self-confidence in relationships with men.

Since working with her, my attitude has turned around completely and I am feeling more self confident, have a positive outlook on the future and am feeling good in my own “skin”. In only a few sessions, I started to see incredible results and I even noticed changes in my relationships with my family. I can now see a positive future on the horizon and that feels absolutely wonderful! I am feeling so calm and relaxed about the future and I know that everything is going to work out perfectly.

~ D. K.

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“I attracted the man of my dreams”

Kim I just want to thank you SO MUCH for all the information I learned in your Soulmate Attraction Seminar. What amazed me is not only did I attract the man of my dreams, but how much I can use your information for so many other areas of my life. I was putting on a big event and was able to get so many HUGE sponsors – all by using the tools and steps you taught us! You’ve changed my life Kim and I can’t thank you enough…

~ Skye Dack, Calgary AB

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“From My First Coaching Session With Kim
– I Started LEAPING Ahead!”

When I started coaching with Kim, I was experiencing major confusion about what it meant to be a feminine woman and good wife to my husband. I had taken on managing the entire house and never asking for help from my husband or my 2 boys. Asking for what I wanted was a big challenge and I had become resentful, exhausted and feeling like I would never get my needs met. My unhappiness was starting to impact the whole family and I was frustrated not understanding how to change it.

Right from my first coaching session with Kim, I started leaping ahead. Kim kept the focus of our sessions on me “filling up my tank” and doing only what I wanted to do – not what I felt obligated to do. This change in mindset alone started to shift everything!

Using Kim’s special “Training Cycle” process, I now know how to ask for whatever I want from my boys and my husband, and now the whole family supports me with the house! The Training Cycle tool boosted my confidence and helped me “fem up” the tomboy in me – opening me up to receive more and produce less – such relief! I’ve also decided to stop working for other people and start my own business from home – this was an unexpected result of our time together and one of so many bonuses of working with Kim!”

~ Alanna Osteroff

“Kim’s Insights Into My Own Business Have Been Invaluable”

“Kim Sarrasin is an exceptionally gifted business coach whom I trust implicitly. As a highly successful entrepreneur, she has clearly walked her talk. Her insights into my own business and where I can tweak, change or open things up to generate the growth in my business have been invaluable. I’m an intuitive with a grounded background in business process design and programming and Kim’s work offers support to my left and right brain, allowing my spirit to soar in a well-managed business. She has a wonderful gift and I’m delighted to recommend her as a coach to other entrepreneurs or executives who are looking to grow into the next level of greatness.”

~ Alicia Isaacs Howes
Founder of Your Soul Story

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“I’m Feeling SO Enthusiastic About Getting Out There!”

Before purchasing Kim’s 47 Secrets product I always believed I needed to go dutch or repay the man until I felt interested enough – otherwise I was “taking advantage” of him.  I also felt I needed to contribute to creating the date by suggesting things and organizing adventures. After listening to Kim’s cd’s – I can see all the stuff I was doing wrong! And, my confidence with men has started to increase. I had a lot of powerful insights after listening to cd # 1 and 2, and I immediately noticed a difference in how I  viewed myself.  For the first time, a healthier dating life for myself is going to be much easier to achieve and I’m feeling SO enthusiastic about getting out there!

~ Marie C

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“Now I know How to Show Up As a Better Man For Women”

During the calls, It was so easy to listen to your voice “silky smooth and fluent” interlaced with “bubbles of laughter” and “little rippling streams of smiles and soothing certainties”…

I appreciated the breakdown of the topics – they made so much sense, they are all separate and distinct interesting topics. Even as a man, I connected with all of them because I encounter women often who still have biological clocks to concern them and are in mid-thrust with their successful business careers and/or being financially independent/ upwardly mobile….or all of the above. Your tips helped me relate with their struggles and, now I know how to show up as a better man for women.

What I do think is encouraging is that there are women out there who CARE what they’re doing…who care enough to listen to your information to find out about what makes men tick and what we want too! Good stuff Kim!

~ Duncan F.

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“I Know Finding the LAST Love of My Life Will Truly Happen!”

Wow! Wow! Wow! You are an incredibly awesome woman. I stumbled across your profile on Facebook tonight and went to your site. I listened to all of your free audios from the “5 Essential Steps for Dating Success”. After hearing your resonating words, I knew in my heart that my optimism of finding the last love of my life will truly happen! I’m 54 and been divorced for eight years. One of the reasons a recent relationship ended was because she sensed a drop in my confidence (which you talk about in your material) when I was out of work.

Your insights are WONDERFUL and you are one gifted, special person. Thank YOU for sharing what you have, “Queen Kim”!

~ Rick P.

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“Now I KNOW I Can Attract My Heart’s Desire”

Before the Soulmate Attraction Seminar  I was disappointed with men and had many walls up to protect myself from getting hurt again. Now, I can see how beautiful men are and they truly want to make us happy. I feel SO liberated – my head and heart are in sync and I KNOW I can attract my heart’s desire. In only 2 days I shifted from being an angry, dramatic Diva to a goddess who values and fully embraces my feminine power! I absolutely recommend this workshop to every woman!

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, Kim, for the gifts you’ve given me – not only in helping me to see men for who they are and all the beautiful things they have to offer – which is remarkable by itself – but also connecting me with other women who believe in wanting to move on and evolve and grow, and most importantly, in giving me permission to see my own beauty and stand up and commit to being the goddess that I am.

Your intuition, your positive and loving energy – all while holding me accountable coupled with my willingness to be open and hear your message enabled me to shift
in a profound way in – only 2 days! The positive shift I felt by participating in your workshop – such as clarity/energy/afterglow has been amazing. I’m still processing what I’ve learned and am certain it will take me a little longer to fully grasp all that is happening right now. Hugs and love,

~ Candace Kendrick

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 “I Came Home Feeling So Lucky and Honored That I have An Incredible Man”

Wow, what an incredible  seminar…the words are still sinking in this weekend with my fiancé. I came home feeling so lucky & honoured that I have this incredible man in my life who wants to serve me – who knew I just have to ask for what I want (in a loving, adorable way of course). You made it so simple & easy to understand. He took my sister & I out to a delicious dinner the night of the Soulmate Attraction Seminar  & he was SO proud to serve & honour us as women (I never noticed how much he does this until after the seminar). Thank you for giving me all this information and teaching me these simple, yet extremely important tips on keeping a healthy relationship and honouring ourselves and the men in our lives. I can’t wait to test out your tips on my male friends and colleagues!

~ Sarah Drown,Vancouver, sparklephoto.com

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“Right After the Seminar I Noticed Men Everywhere!”

Your workshop was SO good. All the information is still sinking in and the impact is so deep. Thanks for your excellent facilitation and creating such a safe place for me to experience this information. I felt the impact more so yesterday with the material. It really is a paradigm shift for me to see how much the woman is in control. Also, to experience how devastating unspoken anger/withholding etc is to a man/relationship.. I am so thankful to have your tips and tools and the experience of these past 2 days. Right after the seminar I noticed men everywhere wanting to help me. Before your seminar, I would have totally missed this.  What a perfect start to the first day after this experience – reinforcing the tips you revealed over the weekend. Namely, how much more attractive I am to men when I ask for what I want and how strongly men desire to make me happy….I just had to laugh. Ok – I get it!

~ Susanne Stewart-Patterson

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“I’m Attracting Soooo Many Men Now”

Meeting you has already significantly changed my life! (A powerful paradigm shift) Everything you said about men and relationships resonated very deeply with me and when I’m out I feel I am in my center, not needing to impress, entertain or pursue. I’m living in the moment and enjoying the exchange with the men I meet. So different! I think I’ve lived with a defense mechanism in play – waiting for the other shoe to drop.

I’m looking forward to the whole picture at your Soulmate Attraction Seminar. Will be bringing my best friend and I’m certain I’ll bring a few more gals with me:) I just love your wisdom!!! I am attracting soooo many men right now and I really believe it is due your expert guidance.

~ Lorna A.

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“I Attribute Meeting My New Love And My Success With Her 100% As a Result of Your Workshop!”

Before coming to your Workshop, I was out of a marriage that had not ended well and I felt like a ‘relationship’ failure; not knowing how to shift my lack of confidence and get back on track so I could bring a new woman into my life.

After your weekend – everything changed! You created so much space and freedom for people to express themselves; and I learned a great deal not only from your information, but through simply observing the dynamics of the other men and women. I learned the importance of setting strong boundaries with women and how to be fully present with women, enabling me to finally hear the “secret” language you spoke about – what a revelation!

I’m happy to report that, only a few months after your weekend, I met the love of my life! We’ve been together now for 18 months and I attribute meeting my new love and my success with her 100% as a result of your course. Thank you for laying it out so clearly for me and the other men about how to make a woman happy! My dear Lady, I would not be where I am without your information and training; I will continue to send anyone who will listen to your program!

~ Andrew Munro

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“I’m Excited to Move Forward Into the Dating Scene Again”

Just want to thank you SO MUCH for your Feminine Power Workshop. I feel like a new person and I think completely different about men. I’ve been listening to the “47 Secrets to Wow the Next Guy You Date” cd’s and have really felt it very helpful and enlightening. I was thrilled to do the workshop with my daughter and it created amazing results in her marriage. I think that you are helping women and men out so much. Thanks for the “Men Surprise”at the end of our seminar on Saturday. They were so real and interesting. You’ve inspired me to consider being a coach as well.

I’ve been sharing your information with all my girlfriends and they can hardly wait to attend. I do thank you for your wonderful and inspiring workshop. I’m excited to move forward into the dating scene again and I do feel very confident in meeting the man that God has created for me.

~ Linda Thomas

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“Thank You For All You Do!”

That was a very juicy evening Kim! Thank you SO much for bringing your grace and wisdom to WOW. Attendees shared nothing but good things about the evening, and I personally loved it. Thank you ,thank you, thank YOU for all that you do and everything you are. I celebrate you!

~ Christine Awram Founder
Women of Worth

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“I Refer All My Clients to Kim’s Loving, Dynamic Coaching Practice”

“Imagine finding the safest, most compassionate place in the world to share your heartbreaks, gain crystal clarity about your previous relationships AND how to truly understand men so that you are free to find your soul mate with an open heart and restored confidence!

Consider what it would feel like to have a fun-loving, highly-trained relationship expert instantly transform YOU into an attraction magnet for men so that you can find the man of your dreams. THIS is what Kim Sarrasin, The Queen of Hearts, delivers in spades and soooo much more! It is also the very reason that I refer all of my clients to Kim’s loving, dynamic coaching practice. I also coach with her personally and as a result of receiving her limitless wisdom about men and relationships, I immediately began attracting suitable men and felt free to open my heart again. If you are truly ready to heal your heart and find your king, Kim is THE queen for the job! Guaranteed!”

~ Jennifer Longmore, Soul Journeys®
Empowerment and Enlightenment Coach

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“What a great series!”

“Wow, what a great series. I was totally unaware that I was ‘trumping men’s stories’…thanks Kim & Christine!”

~ Carmen, San Francisco, CA

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“Wow! What a Juicy Keynote, Kim!”

Wow! What a juicy keynote Kim! Thank you SO much for bringing your grace and wisdom to our Women of Worth event. The feedback from my guests was amazing and I keep hearing nothing but good things from everyone who attended. AND, I personally loved it! Thank you, thank you, thank you for all that you do and everything you are – can hardly wait to have you back – I celebrate you!

~ Christine Awram
 Founder, Woman Of Worth

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“The Feedback From Attendees After Kim’s Keynote Was EXCELLENT!”

I knew Kim was the right person to speak at our event because she has such a powerful and positive message about women and their relationships with men. She spoke to the group honestly and reminded us of the myths around men and called us on the mistakes that we all consciously or sub-consciously make. The feedback from attendees after Kim’s keynote was EXCELLENT! One thing that really stands out for me personally about the way Kim presents is her knowledge about her subject. She shared information and tips about men I’ve never heard before! As the host of the event, I appreciated Kim’s accommodating style, attention to detail and follow-up. From an event perspective, she made my job as event organizer very easy. I can hardly wait to have her back again to speak to our community and I know any organization would benefit tremendously from hearing Kim’s message and information!

~ Pamela Chatry
Executive Managing Director
eWomen Network

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“Great advice on how to be feminine!”

“You both came across so sincere and genuine, you were right when you said that women have no role models on how to be feminine.”

~ Elaine D., New York, New York

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“This stuff is SO GOOD!”

“This stuff is SO GOOD. I saw myself in all the points you made – yikes! – I’m putting your tips into action right away.”

~ Kelli S.,Vancouver, B.C.

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“Kim is YOUR Secret Weapon to Finding the Right Partner and Making Love Last”

Kim is astonishingly knowledgeable about everything you need to know about compatibility and can expertly show you how to create the fulfilling relationship (you deserve!) that makes everything possible. Her proven, simple methods for meeting “the one” are mind blowing. Are you ready to meet your ideal partner but have a nagging feeling that the right person isn’t out there? Maybe a relationship you’re in doesn’t feel quite right? Do you want to learn the insider secrets of attracting love so you can change your old patterns and embark on a great life?

If you do, Kim is YOUR secret weapon to finding the right partner and making love last. Discover her ground-breaking methods, and easily create new patterns to bring someone amazing into your life. She will help you understand yourself and love as never before. If you are ready for a commitment minded, emotionally secure, best friend and lover, call Kim now. It’s never too late. You’ll wonder how you ever managed without her advice!

~ Beverly Boston
 Master Business Coach For Big Thinkers & Enlightened Millionaires

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“Wow-I took so many things away from this event!”

I am SO happy I attended this workshop…WOW – I took so many things away from this event. How mistaken I was about men thinking about men and relationships! My only regret is that I didn’t hear this information sooner. It was comforting to find out that other women go through the same struggles. It was a relief to know that I wasn’t the only one who had challenges with men. I can hardly wait to test out all the new tips and techniques with men I meet! As soon as I walked out of the seminar I noticed I was getting more smiles, attention and doors being held open for me. Oh my, the seminar has reminded me how FUN it is to be a woman!! I can also clearly see where I was making excuses and blaming things outside of me as to why I was not having success with men. Now, my attitude has improved 100% and I feel that having a life time partner is within reach – yay! Thanks for a great course Kim and I’m excited about the future!

~ Janet K.

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“LOVE Dating Made Easy!”

Before purchasing Dating Made Easy I always believed I needed to go dutch or repay the man until I felt interested enough, otherwise I was “taking advantage” of him. I also felt I needed to contribute to the date by organizing what we were doing. After listening to Dating Made Easy, I found out how WRONG it was to do that. Now, I’m so much more relaxed on dates and my confidence with men has increased 100%. I had so many powerful insights after listening to CD # 1 and 2, and immediately noticed a difference in how I view myself. For the first time, I can now envision a much healthier dating life for myself and that feels absolutely wonderful!

~ Marie C.

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“Soulmate Attraction Seminar attracted him right towards me”

Kim, I have met the man of my dreams! What I learned in your Soulmate Attraction Seminar attracted him right towards me and I am constantly referring back to the information you taught us. You helped me regain all my faith in love and now I know exactly how to get what I want and be happy!

~Lisa Cadrain , Vancouver BC


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“Met My Man Within 2 Weeks of Working with Kim!”

Before I started coaching with Kim my confidence, relationships and body image were getting better but by working with Kim now it SOARS. I learned how boundaries are a way of honoring who I am and heal my relationships with others but the biggest relationship was with myself. I went from accepting any relationship in my life to only accepting the ones I choose to have. I was able to let go of people that were not supportive and heal the last piece of anger I had towards my ex husband. During this process I actually lost 20lbs.!!

But, most of all I learned to love myself from the inside out. I find it easier to talk to men and people in general now. Honestly from our sessions I could not tell you definitively how she does it and I was not always sure of the process or whether it was actually doing anything but it was amazingly gradual. You look back to when you start and then go WOW.

The 2 biggest results I got from working with Kim are starting to live my life by my terms and starting to realize I could go for the things I want out of life. And, only 2 weeks after working together I met a man! I know that is a direct result of learning to appreciate my own worth. I noticed powerful shifts happening after only 3 sessions with her, and I even noticed changes in my weight and that I could possibly start to work towards having my own business.

For the first time in my life I can see myself as a business woman and realize my childhood intuitive dreams and that feels SO empowering and freeing!

Thank YOU, Kim!

~ Tanus Davidge

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 “I Have SO Many NEW Tools To Use in My Dating Life!”

Sharon KNow that my Princess Private Coaching Program has come to a close, I wanted to thank you for your AMAZING support in bringing me out of my little protected black box and into the beautiful sunshine. I know that I was pretty resistant at first but your direct and positive approach convinced me that I would never move forward unless I allowed myself to be coached.

I realize that I still have a way to go to get what I want from life and relationships but you have helped get me out of my cocoon and on my way. I did not realize how negative I had become in relationship to men nor how hopeless I was actually feeling about ever being able to retire. It was quite exciting to learn to think “outside the box” on that one! I am really happy to take away SO many NEW tools to use in my dating life and and actually have the confidence to take some steps toward looking for a new relationship

On top of all the expert guidance you gave me, I’m thrilled I also lost a total of 15 pounds during our time together – an added bonus I never would have expected while receiving date coaching!

Thank you Kim for providing the impetus to action. I’ll miss our chats but I’m sure we will stay in contact. I’ll be sure to let you know when major break throughs happen for me…..and I know they will.

Oh, I also wanted to thank you so much for letting me review your Feminine Power Workshop. It was wonderful to be in the conversation once again. It was a great group and I enjoyed all the women so much. Having the “man panel” was a real bonus. It validated everything you had been saying about men all weekend!

It was great to see you again. I am so happy to see all the success your having with your business. It is amazing to think that we train people to do everything else but, very few people think it is necessary to get trained in relationship skills – I’m so glad I worked with you in this area of my life

Thanks, Kim, for being in my life.

~ Sharon K.

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“Your Tips Helped Me Find Hope I Will Meet Someone”

“I have just started to listen to your “47 Secrets” CD’s. Not even through the first one and have already gotten GREAT tips and insights!

After listening to the first CD, I had the dawning realization that the guy I was hanging my hopes on is never going to want to commit. Your tips are helping me find hope that I will indeed meet someone who will want to be with me and that I will be attracted to. So my practice is to work on loving myself and filling my own tank – maybe I’ll find my self so happy I won’t care anymore if I ever meet anyone!

As I listen to your tips, I am noticing a shift and I can feel a big win just around the corner. Can hardly wait to be your next, great success story! I’ve already started telling people about your work and am looking forward to your book getting out there when it is done. Your work has given me (and all women!) the tools on how to be women and men to be men. Thanks Kim!

~ Pat 

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Woke up feeling SO different! Capable, Clear and RICH

LisaWow.  Just wow.  Thank you so much for the Fall In Love With Money Program. I cannot tell you how comforting and inspiring your voice is Kim, you speak directly to my higher self, making it really easy to relax and absorb your information.  So beautiful.

Yesterday evening I said enough with my old beliefs and listened to call #2 while my daughter napped and then finished off with the activation (that word hugely resonates for me) and WOW!! I went to sleep with a buzzing on my lips… Could feel the energy surging…

Woke up feeling SO different! Capable, clear, rich.  After listening to Call # 2, went to my waitressing job and the previously unimaginable happened…  Regular – not so generous – customers tipped in percentages unheard of before! Two men who usually drink water at lunch ordered wine and racked up a HUGE bill. And, two of my most profitable regular tables came in – they NEVER come in on a Monday. On top of that, I got a big sale from my part-time jewellery business – all this in one day.  I know this is not just a coincidence; it’s all from understanding what you taught me about viewing money as my friend who wants to provide for me. Hallelujah!!

Going to do the exercises this week and cannot wait!  I am right where I need to be, doing what I need to do, to shift myself into my magnificence, and I am SO GRATEFUL to you…Breathing in Love and Grace, for my daughter, you, and me.

Thanks Kim!

~Lisa C.

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“I noticed powerful shifts in only 3 sessions with Kim”

When I began working with Kim I had been married almost 28 years. My husband and I are quite compatible, but with our children grown and gone I discovered that I was very good at running my business and helping my clients, but I was not feeling the “yum” in my relationship.

 I’m sure you’ve heard the expression, “When the student is ready the teacher will appear?” Well, that’s how I found Kim. I was ready.

The two biggest results I got from working with Kim are:

  1.  A huge sense of freedom, and
  2. Clarity around figuring out what I want and learning how to ask for it.

I noticed powerful shifts happening after only 3 sessions with Kim. She is truly a Queen, and a patient one! For the first time in my life I get how relationships work, am happier than I have ever been AND my marriage is flourishing in many ways. I think my husband is much more confident in our relationship too (and he loves Queen Kim!)

~ Robin Nielsen
Growing Younger Expert

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“I met the woman of my dreams and we’re now married!”

Before working with Kim, I was completely focused on my career and, even though I wanted a woman, I just wasn’t meeting the right one. Shortly after working with Kim, I met the woman of my dreams and we’re now married! I’m not shying away from doing everything I can do to meet her needs. I’m the happiest I’ve been in recent memory and now that I’ve found the right woman I resonate with, all those expressions Kim told me like “when it’s right it feels right” or “when it’s right it should feel natural, almost easy”. I know that Kim’s tips definitely did help me progress in doing the right thing to have a meaningful and lasting relationship. I credit everything I learned from Kim for helping equip me with the tools I needed to stop repeating past mistakes and be able to recognize when the right woman came along!  

~ Justin Brown,  Texas

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“I can honestly say your seminars are filled with information that I have been searching for my entire life.”

My greatest joy and greatest pain has been with my love relationships and your information gave me huge insights and excellent tools that are SO SIMPLE. I went home last night and tested out your information with my guy – absolute and instant success! I have to say, the Soulmate Attraction Seminar was, hands down, about the best dough I’ve ever spent on myself. I laughed my head off (at myself and self-defeating ways) and came away with a toolbox of extremely easy to remember, and easy to apply methods that I can use to get me what I want from my man, or future man. (boyfriend, husband, or otherwise…) Instantly, my guy was treating me like a Queen, and I know how to make him feel like a King.

It was so great how Kim explained we ARE the CEO’s of our relationships – and now I have the executive love skills to match!. You’re either driving it into the ditch, or driving it towards Heaven. Kim gives you the skills to drive it up, up, and up, leaving you scratching your head how you ever got this far without this information. And making sense of the past failures! No one teaches like you Kim does. You’re in, and you’re out, and ready to go. Scrap the next 10 years of expensive psychotherapy and just take Kim’s course!

~ Karen Jamison

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“Just wanted to let you know that I have someone special in my life now who takes my breath away.”

In only 6 weeks of knowing each other he proposed! I’m very grateful for the workshop information – so much is working as a result of applying everything you taught me. The key for me was what I learned about Understanding Men 101. Oh my! How little I knew about them! Even though I have gone through the loss of my husband only a short time ago, I know my new found happiness would not have been possible without your information. I’m so glad I now understand how much men do want to make the women in their life happy, and when we are happy, they are happy! I love all the extra attention and support you gave me during the 2 days. Believe me, I will be the first one to buy your book when it comes out! Thanks again Kim…just wanted to let you know that you have been such a positive, uplifting gift…and that without your guidance, I know I would not be as happy as I am now.

~ Janet Maxwell, Canada

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“Kim always said my man would arrive when I least expect it…and he certainly did!”

Kim always said my man would arrive when I least expect it…and he certainly did! Bill is the most beautiful match for me and I cannot even begin to describe in words the gratitude that I feel towards you in helping me manifest my greatest desire in life – the man of my dreams! To find your soul mate in life is a rare and special occurrence and it has been a blessing to take your workshop. I have been overwhelmed with feelings of love, gratitude and joy these past several weeks. I truly want to thank you from my heart for all your personal efforts in helping my dream come true. Kim you are a gem and you possess a rare gift in your profession! With love…

~ Krista Hansen, Vancouver, Canada

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“Since working with Kim I have made big leaps and changes in all areas of my life.”

Before signing up for Kim’s Divine QUEEN Program I was spending more and more time on my business and increasingly neglecting my personal relationships. Work was taking over and becoming a struggle; leaving me with little energy and enthusiasm for anything else. Since working with Kim I have made big leaps and changes in all areas of my life. In a space of a few coaching sessions I learned more than I could have imagined about myself, my business and my relationships. I wish I had signed up for Kim’s coaching years ago!I have greater confidence, a strong sense of my self-worth and attracted my dream man! On top of that, I’m manifesting all the right people and opportunities to help me create the business and lifestyle I want. I’m living the future I always dreamed about and feel truly excited about what’s next!

~ Susan Tomlinson, United Kingdom

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