The Classy Girl’s Guide to Answering “Why Are You Still Single?”

The Holidays are a wonderful time for celebration but, if you’re single, you might be dreading the thought of being asked that horrible question… “Why are you still single?”

Ouch! Friends, family, and co-workers have no idea how uncomfortable this makes you feel. I’m passionate about shedding light on this because, as a coach, it’s a common issue clients want help with every year at this time.

Nothing ignites the protective Mama Bear in me more after a day of listening to women share the pain activated from relatives and friends asking this awful questions at work, with friends, and at family gatherings.

For friends, co-workers, and family members asking “Why are you still single?”:

I understand you may think you’re being supportive; in reality it has the opposite effect. For one, if they knew why they were single, they probably wouldn’t still be single, yes? Awareness brings healing and that healing is what clears the path to create the opening for a soulmate to arrive on their doorstep. The awareness has not happened yet so you’re asking a question (you now know) they don’t have an answer to.

Secondly, it’s painfully awkward. For example, how would you respond if someone from your social circle asked: “I don’t understand why you’ve put on so much weight?” Pretty offensive, yes? The same feelings of shame, anger, and defensiveness get kicked up for a single person when they’re backed into a corner and forced to respond to a similar question about their relationship status.

And lastly, you’re most likely asking this question from a place that implies there IS something wrong if you’re NOT in a relationship. Please know, it’s not very kind to place judgment or your own beliefs about what the “ideal” is onto another person.

Read on for more about that…

For Single People:

There are as many reasons as stars in the sky why you’re unattached at the moment. You could be taking a break to get to know more about what you want, “shopping” around, or working with a coach to deal with some deeper issues.

Even if you are powerfully choosing to fully enjoy time on your own right now – in a weak moment and asked in the wrong way – “Why are you still single?” can easily send you into a downward spiral.

Often people make this social faux pas because they’re actually projecting their own life and relationship issues/fears/concerns ON to you. From what I’ve observed, this is the case 99% of the time. When someone is in pain and not ready to deal with it, the easiest way to avoid the pain is to distract themselves by focusing on another person’s issues instead – in this case – your relationship status.

But the GREAT news is, I’ve developed the perfect, classy way for YOU to respond to this insensitive question. Check out my fool-proof method guaranteed to put people in their place while you walk away with your head held high:

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Step 1: Don’t freeze
Instead, take a breath and remember this person is projecting his or her own fears about relationships ON to you. It’s not your responsibility to take on someone else’s “stuff”. So just breathe and smile.

Step 2: Up Your Vibe
Tap into the most joyous, happy feelings you can muster in the moment. If you like, envision an invisible shield around you all glowing, golden, and warm – know you are loved.

Step 3: Let ‘er Rip!
Now, from this relaxed, high-vibration place, respond with the following:

Friend/ Family Member: “I don’t understand why you stopped dating that person you were with? They seemed so nice and I just can’t figure out why you’re still single?”

You: “You know, I have no idea why I’m single but, boy oh boy I’m sure GLAD I am!!! I get to wake up when I want, spend and save my money as I choose, I don’t have to answer to anyone AND I get to hog the entire bed every night – how GREAT is that! I LOVE having this time on my own – I’ve never been SO happy!”

You can imagine the look on their face when you come back with this high vibration response! Certainly not what they’re used to by any stretch and it works like magic – every time. What you’ll notice right away is those in your social circle will rarely bring up the subject with you – most often never again.

No more deflecting or being put in a position where you have to explain something you don’t have the answer to. I highly recommend practicing exactly what you’ll say by yourself and in front of a mirror so you get comfortable with the words and energy.

Ok, you know how to handle that awkward question, but maybe you’re feeling down because you’ve been burnt/ hurt by men. I know it’s tough out there, but you want to remember all those experiences helped you get to the point where you now know exactly what you want – which is awesome!

I would LOVE to help you get back on track and excited again about meeting your perfect man in the New Year. Let’s connect for a quick chat so I can find out more about you and get a plan in place. Go ahead and apply HERE today.

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