The Divine Queen Program™

Gives You the Knowledge, Power and Wisdom You Need to Step
Into The Brilliant Life and Love You Know You Deserve

The Divine Queen Program is open to only **5 women** each year who are ready to invest in receiving a very high level of attention to ensure you’re queen of your castle and ready to receive your king with an open heart. This 12 month, VIP coaching program provides you with the highest level of access and personal attention from Master Relationship Coach, Kim Sarasin, including private mentoring and coaching, additional email and phone support to address your individual needs and exclusive access to resources designed to accelerate your relationship success. You’ll want to act quickly if you’re ready to:

  • Learn distinctions that very few women on the planet know about men including how to communicate and relate with men, feel confident around men, and, most importantly, the nuances of attraction (how to attract and BE attractive).
  • Powerfully step into your feminine grace and let go of all past limiting beliefs and patterning that no longer serves you so you can attract a King worthy of your Queen energy.
  • Design your personal 7 steps to for success in every area of your life (relationship, health, mind-body connection, life-work balance, career, business, you name it) and claim your rightful place as the Queen of your heart.

The DIVINE QUEEN Coaching Program is created specifically to help you claim your throne, rule your palace and catapult every area of your life forward FAST.

“Kim is YOUR Secret Weapon to Finding the Right Partner and Making Love Last”

Kim is astonishingly knowledgeable about everything you need to know about compatibility and can expertly show you how to create the fulfilling relationship (you deserve!) that makes everything possible. Her proven, simple methods for meeting “the one” are mind blowing. Are you ready to meet your ideal partner but have a nagging feeling that the right person isn’t out there? Maybe a relationship you’re in doesn’t feel quite right? Do you want to learn the insider secrets of attracting love so you can change your old patterns and embark on a great life?

If you do, Kim is YOUR secret weapon to finding the right partner and making love last. Discover her ground-breaking methods, and easily create new patterns to bring someone amazing into your life. She will help you understand yourself and love as never before. If you are ready for a commitment minded, emotionally secure, best friend and lover, call Kim now. It’s never too late. You’ll wonder how you ever managed without her advice!

~ Beverly Boston,
Master Business Coach – For Big Thinkers & Enlightened Millionaires

How do you know if this life-changing program is for you? See if one or more of these ring true…
  • You’re ready to have a lifetime partner, but know you need to “clean up” some issues from past relationships and improve areas of your current life to help you prepare for “the one”
  • Your heart-centered, spiritual and have possibly embraced an entrepreneurial or business mindset – seeking to activate more of your Goddess energy – without compromising your well earned independence
  • Your starting a new chapter in your life, and would love to work with a seasoned mentor who has the knowledge and experience to support you with your love life and beyond (ie: life balance, more money, business success etc..)
  • You realize you can’t figure out everything on your own and that change and growth happens much faster with expert guidance, mentoring and especially accountability from someone who has gone through your same struggles and overcome all of them.
  • Your smart, but can’t figure out why your intelligence, resourcefulness and awareness is still blocked in certain areas of your life – especially men and relationships. You know you’re missing pieces to the puzzle, but have no idea what exactly is missing or where to start.

If this is resonating and you know you’re ready to attract your king, then the Divine Queen Program is the answer to your prayers. Kim is proud to humbly share her success rate for connecting women to their soulmate within this program is a high 97%.

As a VIP Queen Client in Kim’s inner court, you will receive the highest level of access to Kim and her private rolodex of connections, services, books and resources she personally uses for her own growth and expansion.

Kim understands that no two women are alike, so your program will be specifically tailored and adapted exactly to your individual needs. Kim will fully support you with getting crystal clear about what you want and co-create a plan for success that’s as unique as YOU are.

“Kim Helped Me With So Many Blocks in Business”

“If you are up for an amazing weekend full of feminine power, looking to attract your king/soulmate, or learn how to get men/partner to do anything you want with ease! You gotta take Kim’s course! I totally recommend it to every woman whether you have a man or need a man! KIM has the MAN-U-AL!

I am so grateful that I got to experience her as a Mentor, Business Coach, Relationship Coach, and her wonderful Feminine Power Workshop, plus her Fall in Love with Money Workshop. I have a wonderful time with her and her advice helped me improve in so many areas! Kim’s straight to the point facts can be implement in everything – relationships, business, health or life in general. Those who saw me after the Feminine Power Weekend saw the difference… I was completely on a natural high, glowing with appreciation and aspiration!

Kim is very insightful and has a wonderful vibrant personality. Every time we speak it’s such an great time, she helped me through many blocks in my business and personal things. I am grateful to have her as my Mentor! She is wholeheartedly honest, so her facts are straight to the nitty gritty, which I absolutely love about her!

~Wai-Yung Vuong

You Will Receive:
  • 12 months of high level VIP coaching personally from Master Relationship Coach, Kim Sarasin
  • 2 Hour “Soulmate Success ” initial planning/goal setting session
  • 48 – 30 minute private calls with option to bundle, plus a reduced rate for additional calls
  • Special one-on-one Private VIP Day with Kim in beautiful Vancouver, BC
  • 4 x 90 min quarterly relationship & life vision review calls
  • Weekly email accountability check-ins and celebrations
  • Complimentary VIP membership to The Soulmate Success Club monthly group mentoring program – launching in 2012
  • FREE copy of Kim’s popular “47 Secrets to WOW the Next Guy You Date” cd set & 60 page transcript
  • Complimentary tickets to ALL live events
  • VIP priority notifications and scheduling– your needs are served over and above anyone else
  • High priority email response time -less than a 24 hours barring weekends, vacations and holidays
  • Full access to all Kim’s proven tools, tips, information and templates to support your growth in all areas of your life
  • You are on Kim’s “A” list of QUEEN LEVEL clients. Your requests are given TOP priority! In this program, you are a VIP client and she’ll be responding to your requests first.