The PRINCESS Private Mentoring Program™

Quickly Moves You Past 3 Common Relationship Challenges
to Allow You To Step into Your Royal Role in Relationships

The PRINCESS Private Mentoring Program will help you step into the divine dating life that you’ve been dreaming of and move you forward so you can freely attract relationships more quickly than you ever would on your own.  You’ll learn to gracefully and successfully navigate the modern dating scene and attract your soul mate.

The Princess Private Mentoring Program is designed specifically for you if you can relate to any or all of these 3 common dating challenges.

  • You’re either in a relationship and it’s not as magical as you’d hoped or you’re extremely frustrated by trying to figure out what you’re doing wrong with men and why you’re not attracting the RIGHT man for you. AND you’ve decided once and for all it’s time to start doing things differently because it’s clear you’re getting the same results from the same behaviour.
  • You feel successful in many other areas of your life, except with men and relationships and know it’s time to finally invest in yourself so you can live the magical love life you’ve always dreamed of.
  • You’ve had a long absence from dating or it’s been a long time since you have been in a relationship and you’re feeling insecure, out of touch with the “new” dating scene and need extra support to step into your confident Queen energy and find the relationship success you deserve.

The Princess Program was created for you if find yourself wondering why your can easily create success in every other area of your life, yet consistently fall apart and lose your power with men and in relationships. Over time, this pattern chips away at your self- esteem and worth, keeping you stuck in the ONE area you want to move forward in.

You may also find you often get tongue tied when you talk to men or you’re attracting men, but they don’t often ask you out for a second date. Many women believe their lack of success with men is connected to their looks, age or have a mindset that there’s “no good men available” – this simply is not true.

Kim will dig deep and help you heal the core limiting beliefs you have activated that have developed over your lifetime about you, men and relationships. Once you uncover and begin to heal these wounds, you’ll notice an immediate increase in your personal power and worth. Kim calls it your “light switch” being turned on, shining brightly as a beacon for the right man that’s perfect for you.

 “I Have SO Many NEW Tools To Use in My Dating Life!”

Now that my Princess Private Coaching Program has come to a close, I wanted to thank you for your AMAZING support in bringing me out of my little protected black box and into the beautiful sunshine. I know that I was pretty resistant at first but your direct and positive approach convinced me that I would never move forward unless I allowed myself to be coached.

I realize that I still have a way to go to get what I want from life and relationships but you have helped get me out of my cocoon and on my way. I did not realize how negative I had become in relationship to men nor how hopeless I was actually feeling about ever being able to retire. It was quite exciting to learn to think “outside the box” on that one! I am really happy to take away SO many NEW tools to use in my dating life and and actually have the confidence to take some steps toward looking for a new relationship

On top of all the expert guidance you gave me, I’m thrilled I also lost a total of 15 pounds during our time together – an added bonus I never would have expected while receiving date coaching!

Thank you Kim for providing the impetus to action. I’ll miss our chats but I’m sure we will stay in contact. I’ll be sure to let you know when major break throughs happen for me…..and I know they will.

Oh, I also wanted to thank you so much for letting me review your Feminine Power Workshop. It was wonderful to be in the conversation once again. It was a great group and I enjoyed all the women so much. Having the “man panel” was a real bonus. It validated everything you had been saying about men all weekend!

It was great to see you again. I am so happy to see all the success your having with your business. It is amazing to think that we train people to do everything else but, very few people think it is necessary to get trained in relationship skills – I’m so glad I worked with you in this area of my life

Thanks, Kim, for being in my life.


~ Sharon K.

“My Confidence With Men and Self-Image Are 100% Better!”

Before Kim’s Princess Program, my confidence in attracting a man whom I was interested in was gradually deteriorating. I would have that first coffee date, which seemed to go very well, and then expected he would give me a call to meet once again. Those calls never happened and I just didn’t know why.

After coaching with Kim, I now understand the “why” of SO many things and my confidence with men and self-image is now 100% better than before! I noticed powerful results after just three sessions – I even noticed changes in other’s attitudes towards me. For the first time, I can now envision following a path to finding true happiness for myself and that feels absolutely wonderful!

~ J. R.

You Will Receive:
  • 1 – 60 minute “Soulmate Kickstart” call to set up all your relationship goals and intentions for the next  6 months
  • 24 – 30 minute sessions (with an option to bundle), plus a reduced rate for any additional calls
  • Special savings for a VIP ticket to Kim’s popular live, in person, Feminine Power Workshop
  • 1 Online Profile Evaluation with suggestions for bio copy
  • 50% savings on all Queen of Hearts virtual and digital programs
  • Complimentary membership and exclusive access to the Soulmate Success Club monthly group mentoring program – launching 2012
  • Assistance with eliminating any and all fears you may have with entering the dating scene
  • Learn all my special tips and tricks for staying confident before, during and after a date (no more stress if he doesn’t call back!)
  • Ongoing support and expert advice on your own unique dating and relationship challenges, including a major focus on increasing your self-esteem
  • Discover exactly how to strike the beautiful balance between the “producing” side of you and the more feminine and highly-attractive-to-men side of you that “receives”.
  • Major support with shifting old beliefs and negative thought patterns about yourself and men so you’re able to live your life as a HIGHLY ATTRACTIVE woman wherever you go.

“After Kim’s Coaching, My Entire Outlook On Relationships Has Changed”

Before privately coaching with Kim in her Princess Program my sense of myself as a potential relationship partner was completely lacking. I just didn’t see myself in a relationship or even that a relationship was something that was reasonable for me to contemplate. It had been 20 years since I had even been on date! I had “married” my employers/companies and spent all my time working. So the idea of having a relationship was something completely foreign to me. But spirit stepped in and sent a clear signal that I needed to talk to Kim – which led to our coaching relationship – and ultimately to a truly amazing experience!

After coaching with Kim, my entire outlook on relationships has changed! I not only see myself as a person both worthy and worthwhile of having a personal and loving relationship in my life, I also see how all my relationships – family, friends and business – have vastly improved from my work with Kim. I learned so much and felt gently and lovingly held and supported throughout the entire process.

Kim really saw me and my challenges and used her deep wisdom to help guide me to a more profoundly loving place in my life. All this within 3 months! I do not know what the future may hold, but I can be certain that I will approach it from a softer, calmer, and more receptive place than before I started working with her. If you are seeking to deepen existing relationships and/or find more loving and supportive relationships to deepen, Kim is the BEST woman to help you! Her work is truly a gift of love.

~ Kathy Scheiern
Owner, PurposeWorks